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Unseen Enemy

A message from Dr. Paul Stoffels, Chief Scientific Officer of Johnson & Johnson:

We have seen how quickly a virus like Ebola can spread. We also know that a new strain of influenza can be only a plane ride away.

Unseen Enemy is a powerful film that tells the story of infectious diseases and encourages each of us to do our part in preventing the next pandemic. Johnson & Johnson is proud to present the premiere of Unseen Enemy on CNN April 7th at 10pm EDT.

We, at Johnson & Johnson, as a global company committed to advance human health, are relentless in our efforts to combat infectious diseases.

By tapping into the brightest minds and world-class science, breakthroughs are possible. That is the work of our scientists. They consistently work to find the best answers for health care challenges. They never rest.

You can see a few of those stories below.

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