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      Quiz: How much do you really know about taking care of your eyes?
      Person undergoing an eye exam

      Quiz: How much do you really know about taking care of your eyes?

      Around the world, more than 1 billion people have impaired vision—but 80% of these cases are preventable with early diagnosis and treatment. Ready to test your eye IQ with our quiz?

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      Vision: It’s the sense that most people can’t imagine living without.

      And yet, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, roughly half of U.S. adults at high risk for vision loss did not visit an eye care professional in the past year.

      “Common beliefs such as ‘I don’t need to see an eye doctor until I’m experiencing a problem’ or ‘eye disease is something only older people need to worry about’ can be quite dangerous because serious eye issues don’t always have early warning signs and may start developing earlier than people think,” says Rajesh Rajpal, M.D., Chief Medical Officer and Head of Clinical and Medical Affairs, Johnson & Johnson Vision. “That’s why, especially now when it is not always possible to visit an eye doctor in person, it’s so important to pay attention to your eye health.”

      The good news is there are ways you can look out for your eyes at home. At Johnson & Johnson Vision’s Prioritize Your Eyes site, you can download a sample vision chart to help you practice resting your eyes, learn proper contact lens-handling care tips, and find possible solutions to common eye conditions.

      Take our quiz to see how much you really know about caring for your vision.


      How many different medical conditions can a comprehensive eye exam detect?


      What percentage of young adults in the United States have myopia?


      Symptoms of dry eye may include:


      True or false: Everyone eventually develops cataracts.


      True or false: Cataracts can be removed surgically, but the procedure is risky.


      The eye condition in which the optic nerve becomes damaged is:


      True or false: If you start to have trouble reading it’s fine to buy reading glasses at the pharmacy.


      Which of the following can cause vision-related challenges as you age?

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