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Giving the gift of sight

In Kenya, around 1.5 million people—including children—contend with visual impairment or blindness. Sight For Kids, Johnson & Johnson’s global eye-care partnership, is devoted to changing these stats, one vision screening at a time.

“I’m a scientist dedicated to bringing eye-health innovations to the world”

Meet Xiao-Yu Song, Global Head of Research & Development for Vision at Johnson & Johnson, who leads a talented team that creates cutting-edge products addressing vision problems through all stages of life.

What is low vision?

Low vision isn’t the same as blindness, but navigating daily life with it is still challenging. For Low Vision Awareness Month, learn the facts—plus, the promising treatment innovations that are in the works.

Are super-personalized solutions the future of healthcare?

The goal of precision medicine is to develop individualized treatments based on a patient’s genetic profile. Here’s how Johnson & Johnson is harnessing this cutting-edge field of tailor-made medicine.

“I helped create the lens that treated my mom’s cataracts”

For Cataract Awareness Month, learn about one employee’s very personal mission to help restore vision for people who undergo cataract surgery.

The power of prioritizing your vision

The idea of sight loss can be scary—but prompt diagnosis by an eye specialist can, in many cases, help preserve vision. For Healthy Vision Month, let these two patient stories inspire you to take action and schedule your checkup.

3 cutting-edge eye lenses designed to help improve how you see

Multifocal contacts based on your pupil size. Intraocular lenses that adapt to our digital world. These are just some of the new Johnson & Johnson advances poised to change the future of vision care.

9 ways Johnson & Johnson is sharing its vision for good with the world

For World Sight Day, we share stats about how the company is helping expand eye care across the globe through advocacy, education and sustainable innovation.

Quiz: How much do you really know about taking care of your eyes?

Around the world, more than 1 billion people have impaired vision—but 80% of these cases are preventable with early diagnosis and treatment. Ready to test your eye IQ with our quiz?

Helping kids see clearly: Johnson & Johnson Vision teams up with the Singapore Eye Research Institute to launch a new myopia initiative

Nearsightedness has become an epidemic, but a new three-year partnership among global leaders in myopia research and innovation is poised to help children have a brighter future.