The Yale Open Data Access Project

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At Johnson & Johnson, we invest billions of dollars every year in research and development that leads to breakthrough therapies and scientific knowledge to advance medicine. When we share clinical trial data and results, we help expand the understanding of diseases, which can shape new treatments.

We take our responsibility to share this knowledge very seriously. By sharing our clinical trial data, we not only advance the science that is the foundation of medicine, but importantly, we honor the patients who participate in clinical trials who want to make a difference for themselves and other patients in the future.

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe that sharing clinical trial data advances the science that is the foundation of medicine.

As such, we partner with the Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project, a pioneering data-sharing model. Our philosophy is to provide a fair and unbiased approach for assessing external research proposals for access to our data. Granting this independent academic group full decision rights on the release of our clinical trial data does just that. The YODA Project data-sharing commitment spans the Johnson & Johnson enterprise, including our pharmaceutical, medical devices and consumer sectors.

Discussing Clinical Data Sharing with Joanne Waldstreicher, M.D.

Our agreement with the YODA Project, which began in 2014, marked the first time a company had collaborated with an independent academic group to review and make decisions regarding requests for clinical data. Medical devices followed in 2015 and consumer healthcare products in December 2016. Researchers can request our data via the link here:

The YODA Project enables researchers to access participant-level trial data and research reports, which provide extensive details about the methods and results of a clinical trial. The YODA Project serves as an independent review panel to make decisions about requests from researchers. Applicants submit proposals directly to the YODA Project. The YODA Project scientists conduct a thorough review of the scientific merit of the proposal and make the decision whether we will provide access to these data.

Within the first year, we received 29 requests for data, and all were approved. To date, the YODA Project has approved more than 60 research proposals, and two scientific papers have already been published.

The pioneering work of Johnson & Johnson with the YODA Project will help expand the understanding of diseases and advance the science that underlies medical care.

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