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      The power of global talent: Johnson & Johnson joins the Coalition for the American Dream

      The company’s Chairman and CEO discusses why mobilizing a more diverse workforce, and advancing a culture of belonging, is a priority at Johnson & Johnson.

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      There’s a famous ambiguous illusion—thought to have originated on a German postcard in 1888, two years after Johnson & Johnson’s founding—that still plays tricks with people’s minds more than a century later.

      Take a good, hard look. What do you see?

      Ambiguous Illusion Depicting Either an Old Woman or a Young Woman

      A younger woman? Perhaps an older one? Either way, you’re right.

      The essence of what I’m getting at is this: So much changes with just a tiny shift in perspective.

      That’s why it’s so important to continuously challenge—and change—our own perspectives. Seeing things differently, in a completely new light, and inspiring creative thought is the very thing that champions our ability to develop novel ideas to age-old problems.

      One way we achieve that at Johnson & Johnson is through talent mobility.

      Supporting the Coalition for the American Dream

      The free flow of talent—moving people around freely, easily and safely—to different markets is a big part of how we satisfy unmet medical needs around the world. Of course, to keep it sustainable, there’s something we need—not just Johnson & Johnson, but all global companies.

      Immigration reform.

      Today we announced we are joining the Coalition for the American Dream—not only to advocate for the protection of America’s Dreamers and find a bipartisan, long-term solution to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), but also as an important first step toward enacting much-needed immigration policy reform.

      All companies need employees who view the world from a unique vantage point. And, I’d argue, nowhere is that needed more than in healthcare, in order to overcome some of the most enduring health challenges of our societal times.

      Johnson & Johnson must continue to mobilize a more diverse workforce. Because delivering life-changing, lifesaving solutions to more people, in more countries, requires new ways of thinking. That’s how we’ll continue to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

      Fueling innovation through a global lens

      At Johnson & Johnson, a unique perspective gives all of us problem-solving potential—ideas, solutions and strategies that, when mobilized, can help bring healthcare to billions of people.

      By sending employees to other countries—and stationing the right people in the right place at the right time—we broaden our perspective as people and as a company.

      Johnson & Johnson has a successful history of moving talent around the world—relocating them for short- or long-term projects, and new jobs. In fact, Johnson & Johnson relocates about 1,450 of our employees between 50+ countries every year.

      This allows us to meet local skill gaps, build capabilities in emerging and growth markets, promote innovation in developed markets, encourage cross-sector and regional development, and build global leaders.

      Most important, employees change the way they view themselves, their work and their world.

      The results of this program speak for itself: 70% of employees who move for a job or a project report an increase in professional development. And 90% of employees who move internationally report a positive impact on their career.

      Managers and teams also report local benefits to processes and the development of their country’s teams as a result of merging Johnson & Johnson talent from all over the world.

      The Coalition for the American Dream is one way we’re continuing to support this effort for our employees and, ultimately, for our patients and consumers.

      Johnson & Johnson must continue to mobilize a more diverse workforce. We must continue to advance our culture of belonging, where open hearts and minds combine to unleash the potential of the brilliant mix of people, in every corner of the world.

      Because delivering life-changing, lifesaving solutions to more people, in more countries, requires new ways of thinking. That’s how we’ll continue to change the trajectory of health for humanity.

      That’s no illusion, whatever your perspective.

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