Office of the Chief Medical Officer

Scientific Excellence, Bioethics and Values-Driven Decision-Making

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Established in 2013, Johnson & Johnson’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer (OCMO) is a global team encompassing safety colleagues from across all sectors of Johnson & Johnson. Functionally independent from commercial interests, we focus entirely on the safety of all products across the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Our approach is reinforced by a cutting-edge single medical safety standard to which all of our products are held.

The OCMO takes an evidence- and science-based, ethics- and values-driven approach to medical safety. This has led to the development of policies and initiatives that keep the needs of patients and consumers at the center of our efforts.

We have created new standards in collaboration with the research community to share clinical data to instill confidence and to advance public health. We’ve raised the bar in the area of compassionate use by providing a fair, objective, transparent and ethical evaluation for every patient request for investigational medicines. In addition, we’ve helped to highlight the importance of pediatric clinical research to ensure we are meeting the unique needs of children.

Johnson & Johnson’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer was founded on a mission to break new ground in compassion, just as we break new ground in technology through innovation. Guided by science and data, our goal is to enhance the safety of everyone we touch—every day.

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