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      Autoimmune diseases

      Autoimmune diseases

      Health & wellness
      A person suffering from psoriasis scratching their arms

      Quiz: How much do you know about psoriasis?

      The chronic skin condition causes itchy and scaly patches, but it’s much more than simply a cosmetic concern. For World Psoriasis Day, take this quiz to test your psoriasis IQ—and learn why Johnson & Johnson is working on new and more effective treatments for this common autoimmune disease.
      Health & wellness
      The three main Arthritis types — Rheumatoid, Psoriatic, and Osteoarthritis

      Rheumatoid, psoriatic and osteoarthritis—what you need to know about the 3 main types of arthritis

      They share similar symptoms, sure. But these three distinct conditions have distinct causes, occur in people of varying ages and have their own treatments. Read on for the key differences.
      Health & wellness
      O'Connor getting an infusion of medication to treat myasthenia gravis

      5 things we now know about myasthenia gravis

      For National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month, discover more about the disease, learn how one woman lives with this rare autoantibody condition and why Johnson & Johnson is working to find new treatments for patients like her.
      Personal stories
      An illustration of the human intestines

      “My battle with IBD has fueled my passion for helping patients like me”

      Sid Jain, a leader on the pharmaceutical R&D data science team at Johnson & Johnson, knows that new and better treatment options change lives. And being a Crohn’s disease patient himself has supercharged his mission to help revolutionize the research process.
      Personal stories
      A headshot of Hetal Patel, Medical Director, Global Medical Affairs, Immunodermatology at the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson

      “My job is to educate about the need for new treatments for rare diseases”

      Hetal Patel, an immunodermatology medical director at Johnson & Johnson, forged her own career path—and now she’s living into her passion for advocacy, education and innovation.
      Health & wellness
      Image of young child with skeleton overlay

      4 things scientists now know about autoimmune diseases in kids

      Two experts in the field share the latest understanding and research into conditions like pediatric plaque psoriasis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and pediatric active psoriatic arthritis—diseases that afflict children and can have long-term damaging effects into adulthood if not properly treated.
      Latest news
      Lede-Johnson & Johnson CFO Joe Wolk on the Business Impact of COVID-19.jpg

      The impact of COVID-19 on a company: 6 questions for the Chief Financial Officer of Johnson & Johnson

      When you’re the CFO of a company, you have a holistic view of how a pandemic can touch every aspect of a business, especially when it’s a healthcare company. So we posed inquiring mind questions to Joe Wolk about what the past eight months have been like for him at the financial helm of the company—via a Zoom interview.
      Latest news
      Headshot of Scientist Lewis Cantley, Ph.D. in a lab

      Cancer scientist Lewis Cantley, Ph.D., wins the 2020 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for biomedical research

      Cancer. Diabetes. Autoimmune diseases. They’re the common illnesses we have a better chance at fighting, thanks to Dr. Cantley’s pioneering work. Learn more about his “magic molecule” research.
      Override-lede-5 Questions for a Scientist Who's Working to Uncover New Treatments for Psoriatic Arthritis.jpg

      5 questions for a scientist who’s working to uncover new treatments for psoriatic arthritis

      Early in his career Daniel Cua, Ph.D., made a discovery that would lead to a new medication for the debilitating autoimmune disease. We sat down with Dr. Cua, known as “the father” in his field of study, to learn what his work could mean for those with psoriatic arthritis.
      Six up-and-coming innovators from Johnson & Johnson’s inaugural Under 40 to Watch List

      The Johnson & Johnson under 40 to watch list: 6 young trailblazing scientists

      These up-and-coming stars in oncology, immunology, anti-aging, vaccines and other areas of research are helping to change healthcare as we know it. And they’re just at the beginning of their brilliant careers.