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How Johnson & Johnson has pioneered in the battle against HIV/AIDS

For World AIDS Day, we look at the groundbreaking strides the company has made—and continues to make—toward a world without the disease.

Johnson & Johnson named a 2021 Fortune World’s Most Admired Company

The company is proud to have placed in the top 20 on the prestigious list for its commitment to innovation, dedication to social responsibility and the quality of its products, among other noteworthy attributes—all in the face of a global pandemic.

4 ways Johnson & Johnson has worked to make access to medicines around the world more equitable

The Access to Medicine Index, a ranking of pharmaceutical companies’ work to distribute medications to low- and middle-income countries, just named Johnson & Johnson #3 on its biennial list, underscoring the company’s deep history of ensuring people in underserved communities receive the treatments they need.

Johnson & Johnson and its partners mark a milestone in the quest for a global preventive HIV vaccine with the Imbokodo Study

The clinical trial has completed full immunizations of the company’s investigational HIV vaccine regimen. Learn what this means for the future of fighting the disease—and also for the creation of a potential vaccine for COVID-19.

“AIDS won’t stop for COVID-19": Meet 3 inspiring women who are as committed as ever to making HIV history

For World AIDS Day, three attendees of the virtual 2020 International AIDS Society Conference, including activist and actress Laverne Cox, talk about their groundbreaking work with HIV/AIDS in the midst of a global pandemic.

“I’m driven by the knowledge of the difference we can make": Meet 10 scientists who really inspired us in 2019.

A groundbreaking trial for an HIV vaccine. New ways to help the body heal itself. Immunotherapy treatments for cancer. Behind medical advancements like these are the brilliant scientists who are relentlessly pushing their visions and research forward.

A year of firsts: 6 ways Johnson & Johnson made history in 2019

From a first-of-its-kind contact lens that darkens when exposed to bright light to the first donation of 500,000 doses of an Ebola vaccine, here are just some of the ways Johnson & Johnson helped change the trajectory of health for humanity this past year.

The many hands helping make HIV history: 4 people on a quest to end the disease

Music stars. World leaders. Activists. They all came together at the Global Citizen Festival to help tackle the world’s most pressing issues, including HIV. In the lead-up to the big event, we spoke to some inspiring people playing an active role in fighting the disease—and advocating for those living with it.

Innovation-opedia: What is a mosaic vaccine?

As the IAS Conference on HIV Science kicks off in Mexico City, we explain how an investigational HIV vaccine from the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson works—and how researchers hope to help change lives around the world with it.

The quest for a global preventive HIV vaccine reaches an exciting milestone with the Mosaico study

Announced ahead of the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science in Mexico City, the new study will evaluate an investigational vaccine regimen in eight countries around the world for its ability to protect people from HIV infection.