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      Health & wellness
      FINAL LEDE- In Need of a Life Reboot? The Human Performance Institute® Can Help- HPI building

      In need of a life reboot? The Human Performance Institute® can help

      The Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute has been helping people find ways to better balance their lives for 27 years—and thanks to a new state-of-the-art facility in Florida, it’s poised to take that mission to the next level.
      Lede- Lake Nona- Illustration

      This healthcare company is determined to have the healthiest employees in the world

      Johnson & Johnson is marching toward a lofty goal: help 100,000+ employees be at their personal best when it comes to their health and well-being by 2020. Here’s how it’s getting the job done.
      Health & wellness
      Lake Nona Life Project: 44 Miles of Trails

      How the Lake Nona Life Project Could Save Your Life

      Clichés aside, this small town in America could have a big impact on your future—and you don’t even have to live there. Welcome to Lake Nona, the community that could hold the secrets to perfect health.