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      Caring & giving
      A black male healthcare professional comforting a patient in a hospital bed

      How Johnson & Johnson is helping build a sense of belonging by investing in student nurses of color

      A diverse nursing workforce is a better nursing workforce—one that improves quality of care and patient outcomes for all populations. That’s why Johnson & Johnson has put its support behind two pilot programs aimed at setting nurses up for success on campus and in healthcare settings.
      Caring & giving
      Betty Jo Rocchio smiling in scrubs

      A day in the life of a nurse innovator

      For 125 years, Johnson & Johnson has championed nurses—providing resources and expanding opportunities for these frontline healthcare professionals. For National Nurses Month, follow along with one such trailblazer on a typical workday.
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      Nursing, climate and drug therapy

      Tackling the world’s most urgent healthcare needs

      Championing global health equity, advancing environmental health and empowering its employees to be their best are just some of the ways Johnson & Johnson is working to help improve the well-being of people around the world. The company’s 2021 Health for Humanity Report reveals just how far it’s come toward these ambitious goals.
      Photo illustration of healthcare worker

      Can these nurses’ inventions revolutionize patient care?

      Their innovative ideas hold promise in solving two of healthcare’s most vexing problems: the nursing shortage and wound care. And Johnson & Johnson is helping them make their high-tech dreams a reality.
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      Johnson & Johnson executive Jennifer Taubert named to 2021 Fortune Most Powerful Women in Business list

      It’s the sixth year in a row that the company leader has placed on the list, which honors 50 women at the top of their industries.
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      Johnson & Johnson museum from outside

      Johnson & Johnson ranks #4 on Fortune’s Return on Leadership list

      For more than a century, Johnson & Johnson has used a core set of values to help build its business. Now, that sense of purpose has landed it on the Fortune ROL100, a new ranking of corporate leadership.
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      Members of a Johnson & Johnson HIV prevention program in South Africa

      5 ways Johnson & Johnson is working to improve the well-being of the world by 2025

      Johnson & Johnson’s 2020 Health for Humanity Report details the progress it’s made in the past five years in driving sustainable social, environmental and economic change around the globe. Now the company’s looking ahead to the next five.
      Caring & giving
      Lede-5 Impactful Ways Johnson & Johnson Supports Nurses and the Incredible Work They Do.jpg

      5 impactful ways Johnson & Johnson supports nurses and the incredible work they do

      From mental health and resilience programs to Hackathons to essential podcasts, here are a few recent ways the company is championing frontline workers.
      Caring & giving
      Nurses hug in a COVID-19 section of a hospital

      “Why 2020 will forever be the year of the nurse": A look back on how the pandemic has impacted nursing

      Johnson & Johnson has a long legacy of supporting the nursing community—and the challenges brought on by COVID-19 have only strengthened its commitment to find new ways to give back to these essential healthcare workers over the past year.
      Caring & giving
      Nurse entrepreneur Charlene Grace Platon

      “I’m a nurse who’s also a healthcare entrepreneur": Meet the woman behind an app designed to help nurses battle burnout

      Treating patients day and night is just one part of the job description for this enterprising nurse, who has made it her mission to help fellow nurses persevere during the pandemic and beyond. And it’s not her first great healthcare innovation.