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      Male surgeon wearing blue face mask using magnifying lens during surgical procedure

      Reconnecting the meaning of these two simple words: Health&Care

      Johnson & Johnson is restoring the true meaning of healthcare by developing advanced treatments and smarter and less invasive solutions for today’s most complex diseases.

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      In today’s world, healthcare has become disconnected. Johnson & Johnson is reconnecting the meaning of those two simple words: Health&Care. The goal is to bring together innovations in medicine and technology and the care the company delivers to impact health for humanity. 

      Here are 10 recent examples that demonstrate the company’s work in solving the world’s toughest healthcare challenges to transform the patient experience.


      Advancing bladder cancer treatments

      Bladder cancer rises from the bladder lining, which makes it challenging to physically access treatments because liquids don’t stay in the bladder for long. To address this, Johnson & Johnson researchers are looking at an investigational novel targeted releasing system that’s inserted into the bladder and steadily delivers therapy directly through this device technology. The targeted release system received Breakthrough Therapy Designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2023.

      Male scientist examining sample in petri dish


      Championing nurses

      Inventors and mentors, scientists and lifesavers, nurses exemplify the best of Health&Care. Johnson & Johnson honors their invaluable contributions, providing resources and expanding opportunities for these frontline healthcare professionals. Follow along with one such trailblazer on a typical workday.

      Female nurse in scrubs in hospital hallway on the job


      Innovating in cardiac procedures

      Johnson & Johnson has a long history of tackling cardiovascular disease. With its planned acquisition of Shockwave Medical, Johnson & Johnson is further expanding its portfolio into coronary artery disease and peripheral artery disease to ultimately transform the future of cardiovascular treatment. This acquisition follows that of Abiomed, which has accelerated options for people with heart failure.

      Three illustrations of the human heart in color

      Cardiac ablation is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses heat or cold energy to destroy a small area of heart tissue that is causing an arrhythmia—which may be the result of atrial fibrillation (AFib) or another cardiac condition. Currently in clinical development at Biosense Webster is Pulsed Field Ablation (PFA) technology, which uses a controlled electric field to ablate cardiac tissue. PFA has the potential to offer safe, consistent and efficient therapy for patients. Among the potential benefits for both patients and physicians: PFA shaves time off the procedure and potentially reduces the risk of damage to the esophagus, veins and nerves that exists with other ablation techniques.


      Intervening early in multiple myeloma

      Company researchers are also investigating early interventions in preventing the rare blood cancer multiple myeloma. The research focuses on smoldering myeloma, a precancerous condition that affects a small portion of people with multiple myeloma. Scientists are investigating whether certain genetic markers can signal which patients with smoldering myeloma are at the highest risk of progressing to multiple myeloma—and if certain treatments may benefit patients with the precancerous condition. 

      GIF of female scientist and Johnson and Johnson ampersand connecting scientific innovation with health and care


      Building awareness to tackle health disparities

      Black men are two times more likely to die from prostate cancer than most other men, and they’re less likely than white men to receive prostate cancer screening. That’s why Johnson & Johnson launched Talk That TalkTM in 2022. This educational campaign aims to inspire Black men to normalize prostate health discussions and encourage early detection.

      Smiling older man with young man behind him


      Developing more precise surgical tools

      A surgical stapler, called the Echelon™ 3000, developed by Ethicon, a Johnson & Johnson MedTech company, makes it easier for surgeons to maneuver in tight spaces with more precision. Plus, its ergonomic design means surgeons with different hand sizes can use it effectively. Another feature: It can be operated with one hand at the push of a button. Approved by the FDA in 2022, the Echelon 3000 can be used in multiple minimally invasive procedures, including thoracic, colorectal and bariatric surgeries.

      GIF of masked surgeon and Johnson and Johnson ampersand connecting scientific innovation with health and care


      Promoting equal representation in medicine

      To help increase the number of medical doctors from diverse communities, Johnson & Johnson has collaborated with several organizations that aim to promote equity in three areas of medicine that have considerable gaps in representation: optometry, surgery and clinical trials. Why is this important? Studies show that patients prefer doctors who share their same race or ethnicity. And when patients from underserved communities are treated by people who share their background, they have better health outcomes, including improved medication adherence and confidence in recommended treatments. 

      Female doctor demonstrating surgical device during patient consultation


      Accessing hard-to-reach parts of the body

      Johnson & Johnson MedTech has developed the Monarch™ Platform for Bronchoscopy, which allows physicians to examine hard-to-reach areas of the lung where conventional bronchoscopes have greater challenges with access and stability. This reach and access to the periphery could potentially extend beyond diagnostic procedures to find lung cancer at an earlier stage. Researchers are now studying how minimally invasive procedures can potentially aid in lung cancer treatment. 

      Photo of MONARCH Platform for Bronchoscopy from Johnson & Johnson


      Streamlining surgical tools

      In 2022, the INHANCE™ Shoulder System received FDA clearance to be used in reverse shoulder replacement procedures. The Inhance Shoulder System had previously been approved for use in traditional shoulder replacement surgeries. Using the system involves fewer instruments and fewer surgical steps in the operating room, and it can offer a faster healing time for patients.

      Illustration comparing traditional vs. INHANCE™ shoulder replacement system


      Boosting diversity in the student nurse community

      In 2023, Johnson & Johnson’s Our Race to Health Equity (ORTHE) initiative invested in two pilot programs that encourage and mentor nursing students of color—one in partnership with the National League for Nursing, the other in collaboration with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing. Johnson & Johnson has long been committed to supporting nurses, and that includes finding solutions that boost diversity across the nursing profession.

      Male nurse in scrubs holding hand of patient in hospital bed

      Check out more innovative work happening at the company

      See more recent advances in action across Johnson & Johnson MedTech and Innovative Medicine.

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