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      Retinitis pigmentosa

      Retinitis pigmentosa

      Close-up of a woman with low vision receiving an eye exam exam with a doctor shining light into her left eye

      What is low vision?

      Low vision isn’t the same as blindness, but navigating daily life with it is still challenging. For Low Vision Awareness Month, learn the facts—plus, the promising treatment innovations that are in the works.
      Personal stories
      Meet 7 People Who Inspired Us in 2022

      Meet 7 people who inspired us in 2022

      Mobilizing to help coworkers in need. Increasing diverse representation in clinical trials. Advocating on behalf of people living with life-altering medical conditions. Learn about the extraordinary ways these trailblazers made a difference in 2022.
      Personal stories
      Two kids lying on the floor with their chins in their hands.

      “I tell them they can do anything": Meet a mom whose kids are living with a disease that causes blindness

      Imagine learning that your children have an uncommon genetic disorder that will likely cause them to lose their vision by their 20s. Here’s how one mother dealt with this shocking diagnosis—and how she’s supporting her kids while scientists look for a cure.
      Hand holding vial in front of DNA graphic

      How your own DNA could someday save your vision

      Imagine living with a genetic disease that could cause blindness in your 40s—and your doctor tells you there are no treatment options. It’s for patients like these that Johnson & Johnson is harnessing cutting-edge technology in the hope of finding real solutions.