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      Spinal taps

      Personal stories
      IntuiTap Medical CEO Jessica Traver

      From grad student to biotech CEO: “10 things I’ve learned launching a health tech start-up”

      At just 27 years old, Jessica Traver is leading the charge at IntuiTap, a company that wants to reinvent how spinal taps are performed. She reflects on the successes—and setbacks—she’s had as a game-changing entrepreneur.
      Jessica Traver with some of her IntuiTap Medical team

      Riding the start-up roller coaster: What it’s really like to be a healthcare entrepreneur

      It’s been six months since we last checked in with IntuiTap Medical CEO Jessica Traver, an incubatee at JLABS @ TMC. She shares with us the highs and, yes, lows of her journey to build a budding medical device company.
      Personal stories
      Jessica Traver of IntuiTap

      “I want to revolutionize healthcare": Meet the 26-year-old CEO of start-up IntuiTap

      Just one in 10 start-ups will actually succeed. Jessica Traver plans for hers to be that one. And over the next year, we plan to follow her progress as an incubatee at JLABS @ TMC.