Supporting STEM2D Professionals Everywhere
Supporting STEM2D Professionals Everywhere

t Johnson & Johnson, we aspire to be the employer of choice for women in STEM2D fields. We believe Johnson & Johnson has a key role to play in expanding the idea of STEM to include manufacturing and design. To that end, we are focusing on accelerating the female pipeline in these areas.

Supporting STEM2D female professionals is an important facet of our overall commitment to workplace diversity. To meet this responsibility, we must care for our communities and support the women who anchor families from within them—for they are the foundation of a healthy society. In our professional programs, we champion and celebrate the power of diversity through reimagined recruitment, development and retention of the world's best technical female talent.

Supporting Women at Work

Why WiSTEM2D Matters to Us

Kathy Wengel

Johnson & Johnson was founded on science and innovation and we're committed to being a partner and advocate for women. We are enthusiastic about working with esteemed institutions and organizations to expand the idea base in STEM2D fields and fostering diversified perspectives across the world.

Johnson & Johnson WiSTEM2D is a holistic program enabling us to tap into the STEM2D talent pool at every level. One of our goals is to create career paths for women that extend far beyond their academic experience, ultimately leading to senior executive positions in the workforce. We are developing the future STEM2D leaders today—leaders who will directly shape and drive the healthcare solution for generations to come.

Supporting STEM Everywhere

To ignite the talent and passion of the next generation of inventors and creators, we must champion women, celebrate women, partner with women and give women the freedom and inspiration to pursue their passions. We recognize that when committed people combine their resources and their resolve, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Career Opportunities

We're changing the trajectory of human health. We are looking for talented women to join our team—women who share our vision for caring for the world, one person at a time.

Together, we can make a difference. We believe that nearly any challenge can be overcome when passionate individuals work together toward a shared, unifying purpose.

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