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      Encouraging budding STEM2D stars

      To spark girls’ and young women’s interest in STEM2D subjects, we need to reach them wherever they are—in urban centers, small towns, villages and rural communities. STEM2D must be accessible and available in a variety of places and settings. All girls—no matter their religion, race, gender identity, or ability—are welcome to join Johnson & Johnson’s WiSTEM2D programming and events.
      We are committed to sparking enchantment with technology in young women and girls through creative problem-solving and play all around the globe. As part of Johnson & Johnson’s Health for Humanity 2025 Goals, we aspire to engage 2 million girls in STEM2D activities by 2025.

      There are many ways to engage girls, whether you want to help plan an event, share your career journey, present material in a school setting or organize a learning experience at your company.

      Whether you're a student exploring STEM2D or a parent, teacher or supporter, this page has tips, tools and resources to help you.
      A woman shows young STEM students the workings of a machine

      Student Activity Series

      The series includes interactive, fun, hands-on activities for girls and young women, ages 5-18, across the globe. All activities are aligned with research-based theory and the STEM2D philosophy.

      Each activity targets one or more of the STEM2D subjects. Click to find an activity, along with the resources you need to be successful.

      Resources for parents, supporters and volunteers

      To spark a lifelong interest in STEM²D and help inform young people
      about the endless possibilities of STEM, you can:


      Exposure to female role models has been shown to improve performance on tests and to invalidate stereotypes.


      All volunteers—regardless of gender—can greatly enrich their time with young people by sharing their own experiences.


      Young people have unique social, personal and academic needs. Approach them with sincerity and respect.


      To advance student outreach, Johnson & Johnson has partnered with leading nonprofit organizations including Girls Inc., Girl Scouts of the USA, FHI 360, First Robotics, JA Worldwide, Smithsonian Science Education Center and National Society of Black Engineers to develop the youth STEM²D resources and website. Our site contains STEM²D activities that can be completed by students of all ages at home, in the classroom, or in other small and large groups.

      Through these partnerships, Johnson & Johnson has reached over ten million girls since first launching our program in 2015.
      WiSTEM kids

      What is STEM2D?

      It’s an acronym that refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Manufacturing and Design. Click through to learn more about each subject.
      Observing, studying and experimenting to better understand the natural world and how it works.
      WiSTEM kids science
      Putting science and other knowledge to practical use to solve problems, invent useful tools, envision new possibilities and establish meaningful connections between people and the world that surrounds them.
      Woman working on computers
      Applying science and math principles to design and develop products, structures, machines, tools or systems that help improve everyday life.
      A photo of people working with drones
      Using a quantitative framework (numbers, quantities, shapes, abstract principles and problem-solving) to describe the world.
      Woman reading book
      Creating something from raw materials by hand or by machinery.
      Wistem manufacturing
      Developing human-centered, experiential solutions in collaboration with patients, consumers and experts from STEM and other disciplines to address unmet needs in a feasible, viable and desirable way.
      Woman completing an architecture drawing

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