What WiSTEM²D Is—and Why It Matters
What WiSTEM²D Is—and Why It Matters

ohnson & Johnson has been championing women and giving them the tools, resources and opportunities to succeed at work and at home since our founding more than 130 years ago, when eight of our first 14 employees were women.

Furthering that commitment, in 2015 we launched our WiSTEM2D initiative. WiSTEM2D stands for Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Manufacturing and Design. We believe women can be catalysts for creating healthier people, healthier communities and a healthier world.

As the leading healthcare company, we are taking groundbreaking action that drives positive change for women of all ages in the STEM2D ecosystem around the world. Johnson & Johnson values and harnesses the power of diversity for our company and our customers.

We wake up every day inspired to empower women and girls in the six vital STEM2D fields so they have limitless opportunities to change the trajectory of health for humanity. We support and inspire girls and women in their pursuit of STEM2D studies and careers, no matter where they are located around the world.

Our Pillars

Johnson & Johnson is committed to igniting the power of women—inside and outside of our company—to improve human health and the health of society. We want to increase representation of women in science and technical fields by building partnerships to open new doors, create inspiring moments to honor women in STEM2D, playing the part of role models and mentoring women throughout the fundamental stages of their lives.

Why This Matters to Us

The WiSTEM2D program is continuing to blend our heart, science and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity for the next generation of leaders. We do so by building partnerships to open new doors, creating inspiring moments to honor women in STEM2D, playing the part of role models and mentoring women throughout the fundamental stages of their lives.

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Through partnerships with esteemed institutions and organizations, we at Johnson & Johnson use our scale, breadth and depth of our STEM2D expertise to be an advocate for women pursuing degrees in these fields. We want to help women excel at the university level by funding research, connecting students to successful professionals and increasing demand to include women in academic research collaboration.

In pooling our collective influence and resources through our powerful partnerships with educators and employers, the possibilities are endless to reach our vision for sustainable development. Our impact will be long-lasting. Our future is diverse.

Supporting Youth

Johnson & Johnson seeks to cultivate females’ STEM2D interests at an early age and help them continue to grow and develop in these areas, preparing and positioning them to pursue higher education and careers in STEM2D. These resources are meant to encourage and engage girls, their families, teachers and supporters.

Supporting Scholars

e seek to engage and encourage women at the collegiate and university level, from undergrads to professors. We work to support women in their studies by increasing graduation rates, finding internship opportunities and supporting them beyond graduation.

The Johnson & Johnson Scholars Award Program aims to fuel development of female STEM2D leaders and feed the STEM2D talent pipeline by awarding and sponsoring women at critical points in their careers, in each of the STEM2D disciplines.

Supporting Professionals

At Johnson & Johnson, we seek to support women in STEM2D at all stages of their careers by providing tools, resources and ongoing support.

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