Antimicrobial Resistance

he spread of drug-resistant pathogens, known as antimicrobial resistance (AMR), is a growing public health concern. Overuse of antibiotics, or not using them as prescribed, contributes to growth of resistant bacteria, which renders antibiotics less effective or ineffective. It is estimated that by 2050, AMR infections could cause 10 million deaths annually. Furthermore, the increase in hospitalizations and antibiotic use in COVID-19 treatment have been predicted to further exacerbate AMR. Johnson & Johnson has a longstanding commitment to develop and responsibly deploy innovative technologies and treatments to combat the growing threat of AMR on multiple fronts.

Resistant pathogens can cause outbreaks locally or be carried within and across national borders. While the impact and threat of AMR are global, the main causes and consequences of AMR play out differently in developing and emerging markets compared to developed countries. That said, three responsive strategies are critical in every context:

  1. Preventing individuals from acquiring resistant infections
  2. Treating existing AMR-related infections appropriately
  3. Discovering and developing new tools to reverse the trend of growing drug resistance
In July 2020, Johnson & Johnson and more than 20 of our peers invested in the AMR Action Fund, a $1+ billion fund to accelerate innovative antibiotic candidates through the complex later stages of research, development and delivery to patients. The AMR Fund is a ground-breaking partnership to bridge the funding gap in AMR and aims to bring 2 to 4 new antibiotics to patients by the end of the decade. As a founding partner, J&J committed $100 million to the Fund. Together, we can work together to safeguard our future from this global threat.

Advocating to End Drug-Resistant TB: the #1 contributor to AMR death globally

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