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Our work to make HIV history

The HIV epidemic continues to be a significant global health challenge with more than 38 million people living with HIV. Around the world, advocates, researchers and other inspiring individuals are working on the frontlines to better the lives of people living with and impacted by HIV.
HIV heroes
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Collaborating to improve lives

We advance the science and have helped to introduce nine medicines for HIV to empower people to live with HIV as a chronic condition rather than the terminal illness it once was.

Transforming treatment

To show how far we’ve come, Johnson & Johnson’s Brian Woodfall, M.D. returns to the clinic in Canada where he treated people living with HIV in the 1990’s and discusses how we’ve evolved treatment since then.

Introducing our HIV heroes

To mark the AIDS 2022 conference in Montreal, Johnson & Johnson is honored to join with Equal Pride to recognize 10 “HIV Heroes” for their leadership in the quest to #MakeHIVHistory.

Positively fearless

In the HIV community, taking care of ourselves and each other has never been more important. When we share our stories, we are stronger. We are courageous. We are fearless. Find a wealth of information, including self-care tips, ambassador video stories sharing personal insight and inspiration and more.

How Johnson & Johnson has pioneered in the battle against HIV/AIDS

For World AIDS Day, we look at the groundbreaking strides the company has made—and continues to make—toward a world without the disease.

How drones are being used to deliver lifesaving HIV drugs to remote areas of the world

Normally, in this part of Uganda, medication is delivered by boat—a slow, difficult process. But now a new Johnson & Johnson-supported program is using drones that can serve 20 landing sites across five islands, reaching more than 3,700 people in a single day.

“1.5 million children are living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. I’m one of the doctors treating these young patients every day”

A relaunched Johnson & Johnson partnership will help ensure that many young patients get lifesaving access to HIV medicines. Meet a doctor in Kenya who explains why the program is so crucial.
  • Our vision is a world without HIV. That’s why we are committed to advancing the innovation needed to help stop the global HIV epidemic in its tracks.
    Penny Heaton
    M.D., Global Therapeutic Area Head, Vaccines, Janssen Research & Development
  • Our commitment is unwavering, and we remain dedicated to ushering in new advancements in prevention and therapy for the HIV community. Together, we’re helping to build a world without HIV and we won’t stop until we make HIV history.
    Brian Woodfall, M.D.
    Vice President, Global Head of Development, Janssen Infectious Diseases & Vaccines
  • For decades, the Johnson & Johnson Foundation has partnered with local organizations to equip health workers with specialized training, education and novel technologies to support people living with HIV and help prevent future infections.
    Kris Sterkens
    Company Group Chairman, EMEA, Janssen and Chair of the Johnson & Johnson Foundation

Addressing the needs of the world’s most vulnerable populations

Our Global Public Health team is working with partners like PEPFAR, EGPAF, Global Fund and others in those countries hardest hit by HIV.

“1.5 million children are living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. I’m one of the doctors treating these young patients every day”

A relaunched Johnson & Johnson partnership will help ensure that many young patients get lifesaving access to HIV medicines. Meet a doctor in Kenya who explains why the program is so crucial.

Nurses on the front lines

“They needed to feel loved": How one nurse revolutionized patient care during the AIDS crisis

In the early 1980s, Cliff Morrison did what no other San Francisco General Hospital staff member had the guts to do: come up with a humane way to treat and care for AIDS patients. As the International AIDS Conference kicks off, we learn more about the life-changing initiative to practice compassionate nursing—and how the legacy of Ward 5B lives on.

How we’re working to make HIV history


Dr. Paul Janssen begins screening anti-HIV compounds

The late Dr. Paul Janssen and the Janssen Research Foundation begin a new partnership with the Rega Institute to screen anti-HIV compounds.

Clinical development begins

The Janssen Research Foundation moves its first compound for the treatment of HIV into clinical development.

Johnson & Johnson acquires Tibotec-Virco NV, Belgian pharmaceutical R&D company

The company becomes part of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson, and begins late-stage trials on a breakthrough medicine.

Janssen’s first HIV medicine receives U.S. FDA accelerated approval

Janssen’s next-generation protease inhibitor is granted accelerated approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prior to finishing Phase III trials.

Janssen’s second HIV medicine granted accelerated approval by U.S. FDA

Janssen’s next-generation non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) is approved for use in combination with other antiretroviral medicines for patients with established resistance to other drugs.

Johnson & Johnson introduces third HIV medication

Janssen’s third HIV medication, a next-generation NNRTI, is approved by the U.S. FDA. The company partners with Gilead and then ViiV Healthcare to create a single-tablet, multi-drug HIV regimen based on this NNRTI.

Janssen partners with Tibotec

The Janssen Research Foundation signs a five-year agreement with Tibotec and founder Dr. Rudi Pauwels to continue the quest for better HIV inhibitors. A year later, Dr. Paul Stoffels co-founds Virco with Dr. Pauwels.

First-of-its-kind drug donation program for pediatric HIV launched

Janssen announces it will donate two of its HIV medicines, including child-friendly formulations, free of charge to eligible countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Johnson & Johnson launches New Horizons Collaborative

Johnson & Johnson and its partners launch the New Horizons Collaborative in sub-Saharan Africa to improve access and scale-up of pediatric HIV treatment. The program is later expanded to 11 total countries.

Janssen announces collaboration with Gilead to develop single-tablet regimen

Janssen and Gilead collaborate in the clinical development of a once daily, single-tablet regimen containing Janssen’s protease inhibitor for the treatment of people living with HIV.

Imbokodo Trial launches in Southern Africa

The Phase 2b efficacy trial of Janssen’s investigational preventive HIV vaccine regimen begins in Africa. The study did not continue after the results of the primary analysis were announced in August 2021.

First single-tablet, complete two-drug regimen approved by U.S. FDA

A new treatment comprised of medicines developed by ViiV Healthcare and Janssen is approved as a once-daily regimen, offering a new and simplified option for people living with HIV.

Johnson & Johnson launches youth-led DREAMS Thina Abantu Abasha Program

Johnson & Johnson, joined by the United Nations Population Fund, launch the initiative to promote empowerment and HIV prevention education among adolescent girls and young women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Global partners pledge over $1.2 billion to launch the MenStar Coalition

Johnson & Johnson joins Sir Elton John; Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex; and other global partners to support the launch of the MenStar Coalition to expand diagnosis and treatment of HIV in men.

U.S. FDA approves first single tablet regimen containing a Protease inhibitor for the treatment of HIV

Johnson & Johnson’s once-daily single-tablet regimen is approved by the U.S. FDA, offering a new treatment option for adults living with HIV.

Johnson & Johnson commits $500 million to help end HIV and Tuberculosis

Johnson & Johnson announces four-year commitment, focused on developing new innovations and accelerating the delivery of existing and new tools to combat both epidemics.

Mosaico vaccine trial enrolls first participant

The Phase 3 trial launches to test the efficacy of Janssen’s investigational preventive HIV vaccine regimen among transgender individuals and cisgender men who have sex with men in the Americas and Europe.

WHO recommends IPM’s vaginal ring for the prevention of HIV

The world’s first long-acting, discreet HIV prevention option for women, developed by the International Partnership for Microbicides under an exclusive license from Janssen, is recommended for use by the WHO.

European Commission authorizes the first long-acting injectable regimen

The European Commission authorizes the world’s first long-acting injectable treatment regimen for HIV, which was co-developed by Johnson & Johnson and ViiV Healthcare.

Janssen announces positive long-term data for every two months long-acting injectable regimen

Positive 96-week data presented by Janssen on the long-acting, injectable treatment regimen demonstrates the efficacy the regimen over a six-times-per-year dosing schedule.

U.S. FDA expands label of long-acting HIV treatment

U.S. FDA approves every-two-months dosing schedule for long-acting injectable HIV treatment regimen co-developed by Johnson & Johnson & ViiV Healthcare

U.S. FDA approves streamlined treatment initiation process

U.S. FDA gives adults with HIV the option to begin taking Johnson & Johnson and ViiV Healthcare’s long-acting injectable HIV treatment regimen without oral lead-in period

IPM’s Dapivirine Ring approved by SAHPRA

South African Health Products and Regulatory Authority (SAHPRA) approves once-monthly dapivirine vaginal ring, developed by International Partnership for Microbicides under license from Janssen.

Long-acting treatment regimen approved for adolescents

U.S. FDA approves first long-acting injectable HIV treatment regimen, co-developed by Johnson & Johnson and ViiV Healthcare, for eligible adolescents.

Our latest HIV news

Janssen and Global Partners to Discontinue Phase 3 Mosaico HIV Vaccine Clinical Trial

Independent, scheduled review of Phase 3 Mosaico study finds investigational vaccine regimen lacks efficacy in preventing HIV No vaccine-related safety issues identified

Janssen Submits Supplemental Biologics License Application to U.S. FDA Seeking Approval of CARVYKTI® for the Earlier Treatment of Patients with Relapsed or Refractory Multiple Myeloma

CABENUVA offers virologically suppressed adolescents 12 years of age or older living with HIV-1 an injectable treatment option with as few as six dosing days per year

U.S. FDA Approves Streamlined Process for Initiating HIV Therapy with CABENUVA (cabotegravir and rilpivirine), the First and Only Complete Long-Acting Injectable HIV Treatment

Adults living with HIV now have an option to start injectable regimen without the need for an oral lead-in period first

U.S. FDA Approves CABENUVA (rilpivirine and cabotegravir) for Use Every Two Months, Expanding the Label of the First and Only Long-Acting HIV Treatment

CABENUVA offers virologically suppressed adults living with HIV an injectable treatment option administered as few as six times a year.
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