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Bioethics at Johnson & Johnson

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Johnson & Johnson is dedicated to advancing patient care and public health by finding solutions to some of the most complex medical challenges.

Bioethics is an applied discipline that takes the principles of ethics and applies them to biological research, science and medicine. Adherence to bioethical principles—including transparency, integrity and respect for the rights and welfare of all persons—stems from Our Credo values and the commitment we make to our patients and consumers.

Johnson & Johnson is recognized as an industry leader in ethics-based decision-making. Our efforts in compassionate use through the CompAC initiative—a groundbreaking collaboration launched with the NYU School of Medicine in 2015—ensures fair, objective and ethical evaluations of patient requests for investigational medicine. In addition, we are a leader in initiatives to improve clinical trial data transparency through the Yale Open Data Access (YODA) Project, a data-sharing model that provides a fair and unbiased approach for assessing external requests for the use of our data.

An Ethical Code of Conduct for R&D

A complement to Our Credo, Our Ethical Code for the Conduct of Research and Development provides standards of conduct and behavior for physicians, clinical research scientists and others responsible for medical aspects of research and development. It provides principles that guide ethical decision-making to ensure the safe use of our products, and the best interests of our patients, their families, doctors, nurses and healthcare providers.

Bioethics Committee

In 2016, our global, company-wide Bioethics Committee was relaunched to further enhance our expertise to aid bioethical decision-making. The committee is aligned with Our Credo values and the ethics-driven mission of Johnson & Johnson’s Office of the Chief Medical Officer, and is leading our enterprise-wide strategy for bioethics.

The committee provides an expert forum for consultation on bioethical issues and proactively supports bioethical decision-making across the enterprise.

Adherence to Our Credo helps us more effectively integrate bioethics into scientific innovation, enabling us to pioneer initiatives and policies that actively shape our actions as a trusted leadership voice.

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