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Our vision: The elimination of cancer

‎At Johnson & Johnson, we are driven by our bold vision to eliminate cancer. Together, we work diligently to get in front of cancer and will never settle until the disease is behind everyone.

Odds are that every person in the world knows, loves or is someone confronting cancer. It is the second leading cause of death globally, often disproportionately impacting people from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds. With its devastating impact on people and families worldwide, immediate action is needed to transform cancer care.

At Johnson & Johnson, we innovate with purpose to lead where medicine is going. We listen and learn with compassion to understand the needs of patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals who remind us every day why we are working toward the elimination of cancer. Our aim is to not only take down disease, but to change and save lives. Our aim is to be in front of cancer.

In front of cancer: Regina’s story

For Regina Brown, MD, who leads first-in-human clinical studies for patients with solid tumors, her personal experience with cancer has shaped how she works to understand the individual needs and values of patients in her aim to get in front of cancer.

In front of cancer: Jaszianne’s story

For Jaszianne Tolbert, MD, who leads development programs in oncology, inclusion is essential to clinical studies, because of the disproportionate impact of cancer on people from underrepresented and underserved backgrounds.
Mary Guckert, Vice President, Oncology Delivery Unit, Global Development, Johnson & Johnson sitting at a table being interviewed
Mary Guckert, Vice President, Oncology Delivery Unit, Global Development, Johnson & Johnson sitting at a table being interviewed

In front of cancer: Mary’s story

For Mary Guckert, who oversees the strategy and execution of our oncology portfolio, cancer is deeply personal. Her story reminds us of why we will never settle in our pursuit to eliminate this disease.
A child laughs as he plays with another child and a man on a green lawn
A child laughs as he plays with another child and a man on a green lawn

Our bold ambition: To get in front of cancer

We are working every day to advance the next wave of innovations to change and save lives and be in front of cancer for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

Our expertise: Pioneering innovations

Our expert researchers and integrated oncology teams are taking a holistic approach to tackling some of the most serious forms of cancer across hematologic and solid tumor malignancies – from developing preventative approaches and methods of early interception and detection, to creating new therapies and surgical devices, including breakthrough robotics solutions.

The LIBERTAS study: Advancing health equity for sexual and gender minorities in prostate cancer research

The first oncology program at the company that is intentionally transgender-inclusive, the LIBERTAS clinical study of patients with metastatic prostate cancer provides a pioneering, foundational guide for future research in this field.

Could we be on our way to eliminating cancer for good?

What once seemed like an out-of-reach goal may soon be within our grasp. For National Cancer Research Month, take an in-depth look at how Johnson & Johnson is working toward its vision of helping create a world without cancer.

Are super-personalized solutions the future of healthcare?

The goal of precision medicine is to develop individualized treatments based on a patient’s genetic profile. Here’s how Johnson & Johnson is harnessing this cutting-edge field of tailor-made medicine.

Behind the relentless pursuit of multiple myeloma cures

Johnson & Johnson has been dedicated to developing innovative treatments for blood cancers for nearly 20 years. Scientist Kodandaram “Ram” Pillarisetti is at the forefront of the company’s commitment to working toward its goal of one day eliminating the disease.

How Johnson & Johnson is advancing new options for bladder cancer treatment

Every year, roughly 80,000 Americans receive a bladder cancer diagnosis. Many endure difficult and burdensome treatments in an attempt to fight the disease. But new innovations just might change that.

5 things we now know about multiple myeloma

Rates of this blood cancer have jumped more than 125% worldwide since the 1990s. But there’s reason to have hope: Today, life expectancy has at least doubled in some cases. That’s thanks to increased research, new learnings and innovative advances—and Johnson & Johnson is at the forefront of this crucial work.

Could these 3 researchers transform the fates of patients with multiple myeloma?

For National Cancer Prevention Month, we’re spotlighting three leading Johnson & Johnson female hematologists—innovators who are not only saving lives and advancing new treatments but also paving the way for the next generation of women in their field.

Could changes in your microbiome increase your risk of colorectal cancer?

That’s exactly what researchers at Johnson & Johnson are trying to find out. By partnering on a new study that’s looking at the role gut microbes may play in the disease—and focusing on the underrepresented groups most affected—they hope to advance early-detection strategies and potential treatments.

Our inspiration: For us, it’s personal

Employees across Johnson & Johnson are working tirelessly to get in front of cancer and create a future where cures are a reality and cancer is eradicated. We listen and learn with compassion to understand the needs of patients, who motivate us to define a new way forward.

Getting in front of cancer

Every year, roughly 2 million people in the U.S. are newly diagnosed with cancer. But a number of scientific breakthroughs—including ones made at Johnson & Johnson—have dramatically changed what kind of prognosis many of these patients will have.

“I’m supporting my husband through cancer treatment”

When Craig was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, his wife Cara took on a new role: caregiver. For National Caregiver’s Day, she shares the challenges—as well as the triumphs—of this difficult journey.

“No one would believe me when I suspected I had lung cancer”

Learn about one patient’s journey toward getting an accurate diagnosis—and why it’s crucial to always advocate for your health.

By the numbers: Helping to reduce disparities in cancer care

For World Health Day, learn how Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is helping to deliver transformational cancer treatments and solutions that reach the patients who need them most.

“I’m working to develop better treatments for children with devastating diseases”

A life-threatening condition that afflicts young cancer patients. A rare and painful form of pediatric arthritis. Learn about how Johnson & Johnson is innovating to use existing medications to help kids with these illnesses—and meet two women on the forefront of this game-changing work.

What it takes to truly diversify clinical trials

What do diseases like multiple myeloma and lupus have in common? They’re more prevalent in people of color—yet historically these patients have been left out of clinical research, often to dire health consequences. Learn how Johnson & Johnson is working to make the study of conditions like these more equitable.

Oncology latest news

Learn more about the latest oncology news across Johnson & Johnson.
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