Our Commitment to Women

Igniting the Best Talent in the World

We remain focused on growing, nurturing and propelling groundbreaking women leaders as they transform healthcare today and the future of healthcare tomorrow. We believe by caring for women in our global community we will continue to fuel innovation in human health.

Igniting Our Communities Through Partnerships

Our mission is to care for the world one person at a time. We’re proud of the hundreds of initiatives, coalitions and partnerships we have in place to achieve one common goal: to help women thrive.

How Women Are Leading Innovation

We remain focused on growing, nurturing and propelling groundbreaking leaders as they, in turn, transform healthcare. We’re proud to help female scientists incubate their ideas and female managers innovate in their careers. In fact, we’re meeting today’s challenges with the wisdom of women who are inventing tomorrow’s solutions.

Igniting the Next Generation

Our commitment to women's leadership remains as steadfast as ever. We know that caring for women across the world will ensure a healthier future and stronger global economy. We’re proud to partner with organizations and implement programs to champion the young global leaders of tomorrow.
Just a year after starting her initiative, 90% of the girls who've attended Aya Mouallem's All Girls Code programs—and applied to universities—have chosen to pursue STEM fields. Did we mention Aya, a Johnson & Johnson Youth Fellow, is only 20?
Over the past 25 years, the company has created programs designed to help everyone from grade schoolers to women succeed in future STEM careers—like the new WiSTEM2D Scholars Award Program.
Saving newborns. Protecting people from AIDS. Boosting girls' self-esteem. These budding activists—all under 30—are already making the planet a better place.

Our Legacy of Empowering Women

Back in 1886, eight of our first 14 employees were female. Today, 43% of management positions in the U.S. are held by women. Every day, women play leading roles throughout our company and help power us forward toward healthier tomorrows. Visit Johnson & Johnson’s virtual museum to learn more.
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