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      Seasonal allergies

      This is your body on seasonal allergies: a look at what happens when pollen invades

      Gesundheit! Now that spring is officially here, you may be bracing for itchy, watery eyes and sneezing. But do you really know why your body seems to be waging war? We take you on a cellular-level tour of what happens when allergies strike.

      A 24-hour guide to improving your allergy symptoms

      Spring is finally here! And with it comes the start of another allergy season. But with this handy guide, you can help make the transition a bit easier on your body.

      The Power of Human-Centered Technology: 4 Innovations That Could Revolutionize Your Health

      From an app that can forecast seasonal allergies before they strike to a digital coach for people undergoing knee surgery, these tools are poised to make digital waves.