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      Lede-Necessity Really Is the Mother of Invention: Meet Two Nurses Working on Clever Innovations to Keep Moms and Babies Healthy.jpg

      Necessity really is the mother of invention: Meet two nurses working on clever innovations to keep moms and babies healthy

      They both had stressful experiences as new parents and took those challenging moments and turned them into something positive—inventions that have the potential to help other parents and newborns thrive, especially during the current pandemic.
      Health & wellness
      FINAL LEDE- Dreading Having Sick Kids This Winter? Check Out These 3 Simple Ways to Help Keep Them Healthy- Best Way to Relieve Kids' Winter Cold symptoms Doctor and child Zarbee's

      Dreading winter? Check out these 3 simple ways to help keep your kids healthy this season

      As temperatures start to dip, a pediatrician shares her best advice for helping support children’s immune systems.
      Photos of some of the winners of the Africa Innovation Challenge 2.0

      6 entrepreneurs whose savvy innovations could boost healthcare across Africa

      Malaria. Newborn jaundice. Hearing loss. These are just some of the health problems that the winners of this year’s Johnson & Johnson Africa Innovation Challenge are tackling by leveraging everything from apps to a smart formula for soap.
      Personal stories
      Joy Marini with children at a school in Whitley County, Kentucky

      From the Appalachians to Asia and Africa: Meet a woman who has dedicated her career to improving kids’ futures

      A visit back to her Kentucky roots with Save the Children brought Joy Marini full circle—and underscored the importance of the work she does with Johnson & Johnson to help children around the globe.
      Close-up of cotton plants

      3 ways Johnson’s® scientists are using cotton to help make bath time better for babies

      It’s a revolutionary idea to help answer an age-old question: What can I do to make bath time with my baby less stressful? After years of research, scientists turned to cotton—and used it for the new Johnson’s® CottonTouch™ line. Welcome to bath time 2.0.
      Personal stories
      Annah Margarita Montesa meeting with a family in the Philippines

      3 under-30 health leaders who want to help make today’s kids the healthiest generation

      The first few years of a child’s life are pivotal when it comes to future health and well-being. Just ask these young men and women—all 2018 One Young World Summit Scholars—who won’t rest until they’ve given children a chance to reach their full potential.
      FINAL PROMO- Science of Scent- Baby Mom and Product new crop

      The science of scent: 3 surprising ways fragrance can help boost your baby’s development

      It goes without saying that babies can be a mystery. But there’s one thing you can do to demystify some of the challenges of being a new parent—by leveraging the amazing power of scent. Experts share how.
      Health & wellness
      A baby dressed in white sleeping on white sheets

      7 Secrets of a Baby Sleep Expert

      Slumber can already be elusive for most adults, but add a baby who refuses to go to sleep into the mix, and you’re in for some serious insomnia. But this pediatric sleep specialist may be able to help.