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      International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science

      Left to right: Joss J. De Wet, M.D., Johnson & Johnson's Brian Woodfall, M.D., and artist Tiko Kerr

      Meet 3 men who’ve been on the front lines of HIV treatments for decades

      Johnson & Johnson’s Brian Woodfall, M.D., was working at a Vancouver clinic in the mid-1990s. That’s where he met Tiko Kerr, who became one of the first patients to take the company’s HIV medicines—and has thrived to this day. For National AIDS Awareness Month, watch as Kerr, Dr. Woodfall and fellow researcher Joss J. De Wet, M.D., reflect on how those treatments have saved lives and continue to evolve, in this moving video.
      Personal stories
      HIV & AIDS activists Macaya Douoguih, M.D., MPH, actress Laverne Cox and Matshediso (Tshedi) Sibande

      “AIDS won’t stop for COVID-19": Meet 3 inspiring women who are as committed as ever to making HIV history

      For World AIDS Day, three attendees of the virtual 2020 International AIDS Society Conference, including activist and actress Laverne Cox, talk about their groundbreaking work with HIV/AIDS in the midst of a global pandemic.
      Graphic featuring a syringe to illustrate an HIV vaccine trial

      Innovation-opedia: What is a mosaic vaccine?

      As the IAS Conference on HIV Science kicks off in Mexico City, we explain how an investigational HIV vaccine from the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson works—and how researchers hope to help change lives around the world with it.
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      FINAL LEDE- The Quest for a Global Preventive HIV Vaccine Reaches an Exciting Milestone With the Mosaico Study- IAS HIV

      The quest for a global preventive HIV vaccine reaches an exciting milestone with the Mosaico study

      Announced ahead of the International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science in Mexico City, the new study will evaluate an investigational vaccine regimen in eight countries around the world for its ability to protect people from HIV infection.
      Personal stories
      FINAL LEDE- Meet a Johnson & Johnson Researcher Poised to Crack the HIV Vaccine Code- Hanneke Schuitemaker Then and now - compressed

      Meet a Johnson & Johnson researcher poised to crack the HIV vaccine code

      In the lead-up to the recent International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science in the Netherlands, we sat down with Hanneke Schuitemaker, who’s hard at work on the holy grail of HIV research: a preventive treatment.