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      Caring & giving

      5 things to know about how Johnson & Johnson is helping kids with intestinal worms

      For World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day, check out a video highlighting the company’s commitment to caring for children with these common infections across the globe.
      Caring & giving
      Young students taking chewable mebendazole to help treat intestinal parasites

      At the heart of science: How a small chewable tablet is helping tackle a disease that impacts nearly 1 billion children globally

      Imagine getting so sick from a preventable disease that you can’t play or attend school—multiple times a year. For World Children’s Day, we’re sharing the story of Sheti and others just like her who now have a chance to take back their childhoods, thanks to a new formulation of a medication to treat intestinal worms.
      Caring & giving
      A photo of a mother teaching her son to ride a bicycle

      6 Ways Johnson & Johnson Helps Keep Kids Safe

      From safer product packaging to an initiative that helps the youngest Syrian refugees, these are just some of the ways the company has made it a mission to safeguard the well-being of children across the globe.

      How Johnson & Johnson is helping save children around the world from intestinal worm infections

      For the fifth anniversary of the London Declaration, we’re sharing the steps the company has taken to fulfill its promise to fight neglected tropical diseases—including the development of a chewable form of mebendazole.
      Caring & giving
      ATMI 1640: Access to Medicines - mebendazole, Uganda Vermox chew

      Johnson & Johnson secures a top spot on the 2016 Access to Medicine Index

      The index looks at companies that do the best job of providing access to medications in developing countries. Johnson & Johnson ranked #2—and here’s why.