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      The facts about weight-loss surgery: Medical experts debunk 6 common myths

      If getting healthy is one of your resolutions—and you’ve wondered about bariatric surgery—here are answers to some common questions, including what BMI you really need to have to qualify for the procedure and whether you can expect to gain any weight back.

      It’s a family affair: “My mom and I both had bariatric surgery because our health was at risk”

      Talk about strength in numbers. After struggling with obesity and a family history of health issues, Sonya Fox and her college-aged daughter, Rebecca Moore, jointly made the decision to take control of their futures with the weight-loss procedure.

      6 Things We Now Know About Obesity

      Over a third of Americans qualify as obese, but misconceptions abound as to what’s causing the global health epidemic. (Hint: It’s not just about diet and exercise.) We talked to obesity experts about the latest science-backed findings and current research underway.

      Health Partner: The digital tool that can help you navigate your knee, hip or weight-loss journey

      Grappling with joint or weight issues? Enter The Health Partner for Knees, Health Partner for Hips and Health Partner for Weight Loss Surgery suite of websites and apps—unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show.

      3 Entrepreneurs, 3 Big Ideas: Cutting-Edge Cancer, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes Research

      They share one thing in common: a goal of transforming the way illnesses are treated in the most forward-thinking way possible. Meet three innovators whose ideas could someday change the future of healthcare.

      Diabesity: The pandemic impacting populations around the globe

      Obesity and diabetes rates are increasing so much that there’s a term for it: diabesity. Here’s what you should know about this worldwide health crisis.