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Meet 3 leaders who are breaking new ground for women in healthcare

For International Women’s Day, celebrate the achievements of these amazing female scientists and researchers at Johnson & Johnson.

How to advocate for yourself at the dermatologist

Many doctors admit that their medical training didn’t properly prepare them for diagnosing skin conditions in people of color—a factor that can lead to patients not getting the medical care they need. Here, expert tips to help people find the right doctor, effectively communicate their symptoms and more.

The science of sunscreen: 3 experts tackle common myths about its safety

In time for summer, we went to the pros—a dermatologist, a marine biologist and a skincare scientist—to get the latest study-backed news you need to know.

What’s really the best way to treat a sunburn?

With the summer season in full swing, we asked Edwin Kuffner, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc., to share his expert advice for soothing red skin—and, better yet, keeping it protected from burns.

Sunscreen 911: What’s the right product for you?

From lotions and sprays to sticks and gels, two skincare experts break down which formulations work best for your sunny situation.

New study finds that, yes, high SPF sunscreen is better at protecting your skin

The research—conducted on the sunny slopes of Vail—looked at the effectiveness of SPF 100+ sunscreen versus one with SPF 50+.

“Finding a cure is personal": 3 scientists share what it’s like to work on a disease that’s touched their lives

Bringing your passion to work has taken on new meaning for these inspiring Johnson & Johnson researchers.

12 Simple Tips for Making 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet

There’s no better time to kick off a wellness regimen than the new year. To help inspire you, we compiled a month-by-month guide of our top expert-backed tips for everything from combating allergies come springtime to getting better shut-eye in 2020.

How the microbiome could transform your skin in surprising ways

Hint: It has the potential to combat acne, eczema and more. Learn how Johnson & Johnson is harnessing the power of bacteria in innovative ways to help keep skin healthy—starting in infancy.

Adventures in technology: A working mom test-drives the new Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment

Breakouts aren’t just for teens, which is why this acne-afflicted mother was the perfect candidate to try out a new device that uses light therapy to help make pimples heal faster.