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Giving the gift of sight

In Kenya, around 1.5 million people—including children—contend with visual impairment or blindness. Sight For Kids, Johnson & Johnson’s global eye-care partnership, is devoted to changing these stats, one vision screening at a time.

“I helped create the lens that treated my mom’s cataracts”

For Cataract Awareness Month, learn about one employee’s very personal mission to help restore vision for people who undergo cataract surgery.

Meet 7 people who inspired us in 2022

Mobilizing to help coworkers in need. Increasing diverse representation in clinical trials. Advocating on behalf of people living with life-altering medical conditions. Learn about the extraordinary ways these trailblazers made a difference in 2022.

“I tell them they can do anything": Meet a mom whose kids are living with a disease that causes blindness

Imagine learning that your children have an uncommon genetic disorder that will likely cause them to lose their vision by their 20s. Here’s how one mother dealt with this shocking diagnosis—and how she’s supporting her kids while scientists look for a cure.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech earns a spot on Fast Company‘s 2022 Most Innovative Companies list

The company is honored to be recognized for its cutting-edge approach to solving some of healthcare’s most urgent needs.

3 ways Johnson & Johnson is working to boost the number of diverse doctors

If people of color aren’t well represented in healthcare, then communities of color cannot receive truly equitable healthcare. These unique programs are supporting physicians from racial minority groups so they can better support the patients who need them.

How your own DNA could someday save your vision

Imagine living with a genetic disease that could cause blindness in your 40s—and your doctor tells you there are no treatment options. It’s for patients like these that Johnson & Johnson is harnessing cutting-edge technology in the hope of finding real solutions.

The power of prioritizing your vision

The idea of sight loss can be scary—but prompt diagnosis by an eye specialist can, in many cases, help preserve vision. For Healthy Vision Month, let these two patient stories inspire you to take action and schedule your checkup.

3 cutting-edge eye lenses designed to help improve how you see

Multifocal contacts based on your pupil size. Intraocular lenses that adapt to our digital world. These are just some of the new Johnson & Johnson advances poised to change the future of vision care.

9 ways Johnson & Johnson is sharing its vision for good with the world

For World Sight Day, we share stats about how the company is helping expand eye care across the globe through advocacy, education and sustainable innovation.