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      World Without Disease

      Illustration of seven ways Johnson & Johnson is advancing healthcare floating above a sun setting on the horizon

      “My 2021 healthcare resolution": 7 Johnson & Johnson leaders share their goals for advancing healthcare and health equity

      A potential COVID-19 vaccine. Passionate efforts toward achieving racial and social justice. Smarter, more sustainable product packaging. These are just a few of the resolutions company change makers are aiming to bring to light this year—and they’re already hard at work on them.
      Personal stories
      Lede- He Helped Pioneer Robotic Surgery. Now He Wants to Reinvent Lung Cancer Care- Fred Moll interactive

      He helped pioneer robotic surgery. Now he wants to reinvent lung cancer care

      Frederic Moll, M.D., has been called “the father of robotic surgery” for good reason—his inventions have helped pave the way for improved surgical procedures for decades. His new challenge: an innovation that has the potential to diagnose and treat disease at the same time.
      FINAL LEDE- How Johnson & Johnson Is Pioneering in the Fight Against the World's #1 Cancer Killer- Dr. Spira stock lede

      How Johnson & Johnson is pioneering in the fight against the world’s #1 cancer killer

      The doctor overseeing the company’s new Lung Cancer Initiative reveals why it’s uniquely qualified to work on thwarting the disease—and why he’s uniquely qualified to oversee its efforts.
      Personal stories
      PROMO ONLY- "I'm a Woman Who's Had Open Heart Surgery—and Found New Purpose Because of It"- Cat Oyler collage

      “I’m a woman who’s had open heart surgery—and it inspired a new purpose in my life”

      She was supposed to have a simple procedure to fix a small hole in her heart—then learned it was actually the size of an egg and required heart surgery. For American Heart Month, Cat Oyler, Vice President of Global Public Health, Johnson & Johnson, shares her story of recovery—and why she doesn’t want to be called a survivor.
      6 scientists in white jackets smiling in lab

      “Finding a cure is personal": 3 scientists share what it’s like to work on a disease that’s touched their lives

      Bringing your passion to work has taken on new meaning for these inspiring Johnson & Johnson researchers.
      Personal stories
      Johnson & Johnson people of the year 2017

      Johnson & Johnson’s People of the Year: 25 stories of inspiration and innovation from 2017

      From the incredible researchers who’ve dedicated their life’s work to fighting chronic diseases to those who work tirelessly to bring hope to underserved populations, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the company’s many heroes.
      Six up-and-coming innovators from Johnson & Johnson’s inaugural Under 40 to Watch List

      The Johnson & Johnson under 40 to watch list: 6 young trailblazing scientists

      These up-and-coming stars in oncology, immunology, anti-aging, vaccines and other areas of research are helping to change healthcare as we know it. And they’re just at the beginning of their brilliant careers.
      Personal stories
      A photo of Cat Oyler running outside

      How a Johnson & Johnson Employee’s Health Scare Brought a Company Mission to Intercept Diseases to Life

      When Cat Oyler discovered she’d been born with a heart condition that had gone un-diagnosed, it hit home for her just how important her work helping to prevent and intercept disease really was.