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      Zika virus

      Our heritage
      Lede-4 Innovative Ways Johnson & Johnson Has Helped Protect the Public's Health During Outbreaks Since the Late 1800s.jpg

      4 innovative ways Johnson & Johnson has helped protect the public’s health during outbreaks since the late 1800s

      From epidemic masks that the company introduced during the Spanish flu pandemic to work it’s doing today on an investigational COVID-19 vaccine, learn how the company has been at the forefront of safeguarding global public health for well over a century.
      Hanneke Schuitemaker, Ph.D., Global Head of Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine and the Disease Area Stronghold Leader for Viral Vaccines at Janssen Vaccines & Prevention, a Janssen Pharmaceutical Company of Johnson & Johnson

      She’s a scientist with one of the world’s most important jobs: Creating a potential COVID-19 vaccine

      Imagine being a researcher who is staring down not only a highly infectious virus, but one that’s caused the first global pandemic in more than 100 years. Meet Johnson & Johnson’s Hanneke Schuitemaker, Ph.D.
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      Illustration of Coronavirus molecule

      What you need to know about the coronavirus—and a potential preventive vaccine

      The coronavirus has made headlines as it has spread from China to other parts of the world. To help stop the global outbreak in its tracks, Johnson & Johnson is already hard at work on a potential preventive vaccine.
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      Unseen Enemy: Zika Mosquito Lede

      Unseen Enemy: the new film that looks at why viruses like Zika, Ebola and influenza are so prevalent

      The documentary, airing on CNN and presented by Johnson & Johnson, looks at how our modern lifestyle may be responsible for perpetuating these lethal viruses—and how everyday citizens can fight back.
      Caring & giving
      A photo of Alice Lin Fabiano showing mMitra on a cell phone to two mothers in India

      7 women who are helping to change the world for women

      On International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting inspiring Johnson & Johnson employees who work year-round to improve the health, safety and trajectory of women worldwide.
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      A photo of a nurse holding a vaccine vial

      Stopping pandemics before they strike: What you need to know about the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations

      Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Medical Officer for Global Public Health had a front row seat at the World Economic Forum this year as part of a new coalition aimed at helping to advance vaccine development for pathogens.
      Health & wellness
      Zika Virus

      6 things everyone should know about the Zika virus

      Get all the facts about the virus—including what you can do protect yourself, and what Johnson & Johnson is doing to help.