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      Season 2 of “The Road to a Vaccine”

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      Road to a Vaccine season 2 episodes

      How Lessons Learned in Fighting HIV Help Us Battle COVID-19

      In the Season 2 premiere, Lisa Ling talks with actress and HIV advocate Laverne Cox, J&J Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffels, M.D., and others about the ongoing quest for an HIV vaccine and how that’s informing research on COVID-19 vaccines.

      How New COVID-19 Outbreaks Are Impacting a Global Return to Normal

      Lisa Ling talks with Dr. Francis Collins, Director, NIH, about the latest on treatments and vaccines. Also, Harvard’s Dr. Ashish Jha shares how the virus affects the body and Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Tom Inglesby explains what the new data on spread means for people.

      How is COVID-19 Affecting Children? What Parents Should Know

      In Episode 3, Ling talks to UNICEF’s Henrietta Fore about global efforts to get all kids vaccinated. Harvard’s Dr. Vikram Patel discusses children’s mental health during the pandemic.

      How Healthcare Advocates Are Changing the Global Conversation about COVID-19

      In Episode 4 of “The Road to a Vaccine,” Lisa Ling talks with scientific journalists, healthcare experts and others about the role of social movements—both in the past and today with the COVID-19 pandemic—in driving access to care, building critical disease awareness and more.

      What Have We Learned After Eight Months of COVID-19?

      In Episode 5 of The Road to a Vaccine, Lisa Ling asks health experts for a pandemic status report, including the latest statistics on cases worldwide, the current thinking about coronavirus and its effects and what’s working to fight the disease—and what’s not.

      Everything You Need to Know about COVID-19 Testing and Contact Tracing

      In Episode 6 of The Road to a Vaccine, Lisa Ling speaks to experts, including Ann Lee, co-founder, with actor Sean Penn, of the nonprofit CORE, to get the latest updates on testing efforts and contact tracing across America.

      Is It Really Safe for Schools to Be Open Right Now?

      As schools reopen—and sometimes close again—what have we learned about the risks of in-person learning? Lisa Ling speaks to school nurse Robin Cogan and pediatrician Dr. Sam Maldonado to find answers and debunk myths around kids and COVID-19.

      A New York City Doctor Shares What He’s Learned About COVID-19

      Dr. Matt McCarthy shares with Lisa Ling how he believes mask wearing, social distancing and good science have helped lower COVID-19 rates in NYC. And Dr. Paul Stoffels gives an update on the scientific community’s latest coronavirus news.

      Experts Weigh In On COVID-19 Testing, Vaccine Trials and More

      Lisa Ling speaks with Dr. Paul Stoffels on the latest coronavirus vaccine developments. Dr. Cato Laurencin discusses why it’s critical to have diversity in clinical trials. Plus, news on possible breakthroughs in COVID-19 diagnostic testing.

      Experts Weigh In On COVID-19 Testing, Vaccine Trials and More

      What are COVID-19’s long-term effects? And how do we overcome healthcare disparities, the misuse of scientific data and other obstacles in the fight against the pandemic? Lisa Ling asks experts like Nurse Alice Benjamin and Dr. Eric Topol.

      How 3 Brilliant Women Are Changing the Game When It Comes to COVID-19

      Lisa Ling speaks to Dr. Uché Blackstock about the racial inequities the pandemic has exposed, Dr. Alison Schwartz about battling a COVID-19 spike in Wisconsin and 14-year-old Anika Chebrolu about her prize-winning potential coronavirus therapy.
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