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      Dental floss

      See all stories related to dental floss, and learn how Johnson & Johnson is promoting dental hygiene with its consumer health products.
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      FINAL LEDE- Auld Lang Syne Flashback: 5 Vintage Products That Helped People Stick With Their New Year's Resolutions- Old school new years photo

      4 vintage products that helped people stick with their New Year’s resolutions

      Check out these ahead-of-their-time Johnson & Johnson innovations that enabled people to tackle some common resolutions that ring true to this day.
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      PROMO ONLY - Zonweiss: The Johnson & Johnson Invention From 1887 That Inspired People to Brush Their Teeth- Zonweiss pattern promo

      Zonweiss: The Johnson & Johnson invention from 1887 that inspired people to brush their teeth

      For National Dental Hygiene Month, we’re stepping back in time to the late 1800s, when less than 10% of the population paid attention to good oral hygiene—that is, until this product hit the market. Hint: It was squeezable.
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      FINAL LEDE- 8 Clever Ways J&J Has Been Smart About Recycling Since 1886- Collage2

      8 clever ways Johnson & Johnson has been smart about recycling since 1886

      Every day is Earth Day at a company that has made sustainable practices a priority for more than 130 years. Take a look at these highly creative recycling programs that have popped up through the decades.
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      Lede collage- J&J Anniversary Inventions

      13 life-changing healthcare inventions that are celebrating milestone birthdays in 2018

      Johnson & Johnson has been in the innovation business for more than 130 years. Check out these first-of-their-kind company products, which have revolutionized flu protection and even changed the way we wear contact lenses.
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      Man flossing

      A reason to smile: new study looks at gum disease and the potential benefits of flossing

      In time for National Dental Hygiene Month, we’re sharing the findings of a recent report that counters claims that the habit has no health benefits.
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      Test lede 3.JPG

      The Johnson & Johnson historic product heat index: 11 of the hottest company innovations

      From the creation of sterile surgical sutures in 1887 to the debut of the first water-resistant sunscreen in 1976, these products were some of the most significant inventions of their time.
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      Around the world

      Around the world with Johnson & Johnson: 6 unbelievable places company products have been

      From Antarctica to outer space, learn about the surprising locales where Johnson & Johnson items have popped up.
      JNJ Inventions Band Aid with First Aid Kit

      9 Johnson & Johnson inventions that changed life as we know it

      In honor of National Inventors Day, we’re celebrating just a few of the countless innovations the company has pioneered over the years—staples that are now ubiquitous in households and hospitals alike.