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      A collage of scientists who work at Johnson & Johnson and other companies

      “I’m driven by the knowledge of the difference we can make": Meet 10 scientists who really inspired us in 2019.

      A groundbreaking trial for an HIV vaccine. New ways to help the body heal itself. Immunotherapy treatments for cancer. Behind medical advancements like these are the brilliant scientists who are relentlessly pushing their visions and research forward.
      A microbiome graphic

      New Year, new vision: Meet a scientist who spends his days studying the microscopic world of the microbiome

      Trillions of beneficial bacteria live in and all around us. What if we could use them to our advantage, to do everything from prevent diabetes to reduce inflammation? Dirk Gevers, Ph.D., Global Head of the Janssen Human Microbiome Institute, shares how his team is already well on that research path.
      Health & wellness
      Collage of images related to the symptoms of a stroke

      4 things that can help improve your chances of surviving—and thriving—after a stroke

      Every 40 seconds. That’s how often someone in the U.S. suffers from a stroke. For World Stroke Day, we asked experts to share what everyone needs to know before a stroke strikes.
      Caring & giving
      Lede- African American Community- Be The Match group picture

      5 ways one company is working to boost the health of the African-American community

      From partnering with the Black AIDS Institute to reduce HIV infection rates to improving representation in clinical trials, learn how Johnson & Johnson has made it a mission to help address disparities in healthcare.
      Personal stories
      Johnson & Johnson people of the year 2017

      Johnson & Johnson’s People of the Year: 25 stories of inspiration and innovation from 2017

      From the incredible researchers who’ve dedicated their life’s work to fighting chronic diseases to those who work tirelessly to bring hope to underserved populations, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the company’s many heroes.
      OneTouch Reveal Media Graphic_Final

      The OneTouch Reveal® Mobile App gets an upgrade

      The app now has new and improved features designed to help make managing diabetes easier, including the ability to sync with the OneTouch Verio Flex® blood glucose monitoring system through built‐in Bluetooth® Smart Technology.
      Caring & giving
      Diabetes Summer Camp

      How Johnson & Johnson helps kids with diabetes worldwide go to summer camp

      For the past 16 years, the company has supported sleepaway camps around the world for kids who have type 1 diabetes. Campgoers like these three teens from the U.S., Mexico and Russia.
      Health & wellness
      Gestational Diabetes

      6 Things We Now Know About Gestational Diabetes

      It affects nearly one in 10 pregnancies—even if the mother-to-be didn’t have diabetes before she conceived. Two experts on the condition share what you should know to help keep you and your baby healthy.
      Personal stories
      group of attendees in conversation at HealtheVoices Conference

      7 health advocates who are determined to change what it means to have a chronic illness

      Living with a life-altering disease is undeniably challenging. But it can also be full of triumphs if you embrace one simple mantra: It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.
      Personal stories
      Weight loss Surgery: Zohar and Stephen prepping dinner

      “We had bariatric surgery": a couple shares what it’s really like to undergo the weight-loss procedure”

      Meet Stephen and Zohar, who elected to have bariatric surgery together and are now embracing their healthier—and combined 162-pounds-lighter—life.