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      Global Health Equity

      Global Health Equity

      Health & wellness
      A black mosquito with white spots

      5 things we now know about the tropical disease dengue

      As global temperatures continue to rise, so too does the incidence of this mosquito-borne virus. For World Neglected Tropical Disease Day, learn the latest about this growing health threat and how Johnson & Johnson is working to combat it.
      Caring & giving

      5 things to know about how Johnson & Johnson is helping kids with intestinal worms

      For World Neglected Tropical Diseases Day, check out a video highlighting the company’s commitment to caring for children with these common infections across the globe.
      Woman shows dapivirine ring to three young women

      This ring may just help protect women against HIV

      As the International AIDS Conference kicks off, learn how a new tool will help give this group greater power to prevent HIV on a monthly basis.
      Personal stories

      “I want to live a life that’s not defined by my schizophrenia”

      For World Schizophrenia Day, learn about how one inspiring young man with the condition is thriving despite the challenges—and how Johnson & Johnson is helping him and others like him to find new ways to manage their mental illness.
      Personal stories

      How Johnson & Johnson is supporting the next great leaders in mental health

      Meet four students dedicated to removing the stigma of mental illness and increasing access to crucial treatments around the world—with the help of the Global Mental Health Scholarship Fund.
      Personal stories
      Group of kids in matching uniforms smiling and laughing

      “1.5 million children are living with HIV in sub-Saharan Africa. I’m one of the doctors treating these young patients every day”

      A relaunched Johnson & Johnson partnership will help ensure that many young patients get lifesaving access to HIV medicines. Meet a doctor in Kenya who explains why the program is so crucial.
      lede-2 Pandemics, 1 Goal: Meet 4 Innovators with High-Tech Ideas For Fighting Tuberculosis in the Time of COVID-19.jpg

      2 pandemics, 1 goal: Meet 4 innovators with high-tech ideas for fighting tuberculosis in the time of COVID-19

      Despite being preventable and curable, tuberculosis is one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases—and COVID-19 is making it even harder to diagnose and treat it. Enter these healthcare visionaries, who’ve made it their mission to move the world closer to the goal of ending tuberculosis.
      Caring & giving
      A healthcare worker performs a COVID-19 test

      Driving change: How Johnson & Johnson is using mobile healthcare to help address health inequities across the U.S.

      From churches to schools—and even roving healthcare vans—the company has rolled out a program in states across the nation to help get COVID-19 testing and other crucial health services to underserved communities.
      Illustration of seven ways Johnson & Johnson is advancing healthcare floating above a sun setting on the horizon

      “My 2021 healthcare resolution": 7 Johnson & Johnson leaders share their goals for advancing healthcare and health equity

      A potential COVID-19 vaccine. Passionate efforts toward achieving racial and social justice. Smarter, more sustainable product packaging. These are just a few of the resolutions company change makers are aiming to bring to light this year—and they’re already hard at work on them.
      lede-3 Ways Johnson & Johnson Is Innovating to Help Fight Tuberculosis.jpg

      3 ways Johnson & Johnson is innovating to help fight tuberculosis

      It’s one of the world’s deadliest infectious diseases, killing more people each year than HIV/AIDS and malaria combined. We’re taking a look back at the strides the company has made in fighting this preventable illness to help bring us closer to a tuberculosis-free world.