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Meet the man who’s taking on the emperor of all maladies: cancer

Siddhartha Mukherjee, M.D., made his name as an oncologist, researcher and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer. Now he’s the scientific adviser of an immuno-oncology start-up that’s tackling a rare form of leukemia. In an exclusive interview, he reveals his vision for the future of cancer treatments.

He beat childhood cancer. Now he’s trying to save lives as a cancer researcher

Brad Heidrich’s diagnosis with a deadly cancer at age 13 changed the course of his life—and inspired the person he would become: a Janssen scientist dedicated to working on therapies for blood cancer. For National Cancer Survivor Month, we share his incredible story.

4 questions for immunotherapy pioneer Dr. James Allison

We sat down with the winner of the 2018 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research to learn how his tireless cancer research efforts have helped revolutionize the way we treat the disease—and save lives.

The next frontier in cancer care: What you need to know about CAR-T cell therapy

It’s been in the news, but what does CAR-T really mean for patients? Immuno-oncology expert Iqbal Grewal, Ph.D., explains why the treatment has the potential to be a game changer for people with all types of cancer down the road.

The next generation of cancer care: How Johnson & Johnson is working to defeat—and even prevent—the disease

From “targeted therapies” to “precision immuno-oncology,” the scientists at Janssen Oncology are looking at cancer treatment from all innovative angles. For National Cancer Prevention Month, they let us in on some of the work they’re doing to help transform cancer care as we know it.