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      Gay caucasian male couple providing mental health support to each other

      By the numbers: Providing mental health support to the LGBTQIA+ community

      People who identify as LGBTQIA+ are almost three times more likely than their non-LGBTQIA+ counterparts to report poor mental health, but accessing treatment can prove to be challenging. For World Mental Health Day, learn more about the gaps surrounding mental health and how Johnson & Johnson is helping to empower this community.
      Personal stories
      Meet 7 People Who Inspired Us in 2022

      Meet 7 people who inspired us in 2022

      Mobilizing to help coworkers in need. Increasing diverse representation in clinical trials. Advocating on behalf of people living with life-altering medical conditions. Learn about the extraordinary ways these trailblazers made a difference in 2022.
      Caring & giving
      Janssen Neuroscience President Courtney Billington

      Working to ensure equal access to mental healthcare for all

      Two new Johnson & Johnson initiatives aim to remove the obstacles people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community have historically faced in getting help with mental illness. The head of Janssen Neuroscience, Courtney Billington, explains why breaking these barriers is a priority—and a personal mission.
      Personal stories
      Lynn Discenza in front of a bridge

      “Why I decided to undergo facial feminization surgery”

      For International Transgender Day of Visibility, Lynn Discenza shares her transition journey and how gender-affirmation surgery helped her reclaim her confidence and be who she’s always wanted to be. Plus, learn how Johnson & Johnson MedTech is working to help ensure more people have access to the life-changing procedure.
       johnson and johnson employee benefits for you and your family

      15 employee benefits that help make Johnson & Johnson a great company

      Generous parental leave? Check. Support for mental well-being? Check. Here are some of the ways the company stands out when it comes to built-in benefits for its 150,000+ employees.
      Caring & giving
      A person smiling and holding a LGBTQ+ flag at a Pride parade

      Innovative ways Johnson & Johnson proudly supports the LGBTQIA+ community

      From inclusive benefits to partnerships with nonprofits, the company aims to be a strong ally during Pride Month—and beyond.
      Personal stories
      (BAND-AID®)RED spokesperson Laverne Cox

      It’s affected people I know: Laverne Cox opens up about her passion for HIV/AIDS advocacy and her new work with (BAND-AID®)RED

      The Orange Is the New Black star and transgender activist speaks out on her lifelong crusade to educate people about the disease—and what we all can do to help.
      Caring & giving
      The Johnson & Johnson Open&Out team in Brussels, Belgium, celebrating Pride in May 2019

      “Everyone deserves to feel safe": Meet a Johnson & Johnson leader who’s proud to be an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community

      For Pride Month, Johnson & Johnson Executive Vice President Ashley McEvoy shares how the company stands behind its LGBTQIA+ employees—and why a strong culture of diversity and inclusion is crucial to successfully finding solutions for the world’s greatest healthcare problems.
      Personal stories
      Images of Cliff Morrison at Ward 5B at San Francisco General Hospital, and a plaque memorializing Ward 5B

      “They needed to feel loved": How one nurse revolutionized patient care during the AIDS crisis

      In the early 1980s, Cliff Morrison did what no other San Francisco General Hospital staff member had the guts to do: come up with a humane way to treat and care for AIDS patients. As the International AIDS Conference kicks off, we learn more about the life-changing initiative to practice compassionate nursing—and how the legacy of Ward 5B lives on.
      Personal stories
      FINAL LEDE - “Johnson & Johnson Helped Me Transition”: Meet an Employee Who's Now Living His True Self - Clark

      “Johnson & Johnson helped me transition": Meet an employee who’s now living his true self.

      For International Transgender Day of Visibility, Clark Musto shares his inspiring story—one made possible, in part, due to the support he received at work.