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      Oral health

      Oral health

      See all stories about oral health, and learn about Johnson & Johnson legacy on oral hygiene.
      A close-up of a woman brushing her teeth

      Could the answer to preventing hospital-acquired pneumonia be as simple as better oral care? This nurse thinks so.

      Some 157,000 patients are diagnosed with the condition each year. But trailblazing nurse Dian Baker has a straightforward yet innovative solution.
      A woman drinking qii tea

      DoseBiome: The start-up that’s on a mission to make better oral care as simple as sipping tea

      In honor of World Oral Health Day, check out this enterprising company focused on helping supplement regular dental care with an innovative drink.
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      A stock image of a woman smiling while she brushes her teeth

      The surprising thing that could be causing your bad breath

      Hint: It has to do with your tongue. We asked experts to discuss the top five causes of halitosis—and how to combat them, including a cool new innovation that comes in a handy tablet.
      Our heritage
      PROMO ONLY - Zonweiss: The Johnson & Johnson Invention From 1887 That Inspired People to Brush Their Teeth- Zonweiss pattern promo

      Zonweiss: The Johnson & Johnson invention from 1887 that inspired people to brush their teeth

      For National Dental Hygiene Month, we’re stepping back in time to the late 1800s, when less than 10% of the population paid attention to good oral hygiene—that is, until this product hit the market. Hint: It was squeezable.
      illustration showing human mouth and cartoon bacteria

      4 fascinating things scientists know about the billions of bacteria in your mouth

      There’s a lot of hype about the secrets of the microbiome, but did you know there’s a whole universe of good and bad bacteria that only inhabit your mouth? For National Dental Hygiene Month, we spoke to researchers who are investigating how this small ecosystem can have a big impact on your overall health.
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      Man flossing

      A reason to smile: new study looks at gum disease and the potential benefits of flossing

      In time for National Dental Hygiene Month, we’re sharing the findings of a recent report that counters claims that the habit has no health benefits.
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      woman brushing her teeth in bathroom mirror

      9 Tips to Boost Your Oral Hygiene Routine

      There’s more to a sparkling smile than just brushing and flossing. So for World Oral Health Day, we’re getting to the root of dental care best practices with these to-dos that can help ensure your teeth are as healthy as can be.