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Parental leave

136 years of championing women’s health

Supporting the well-being of people around the world is a tenet that underscores all the work the company does. From must-have educational manuals to cutting-edge contraception, explore how Johnson & Johnson has been advocating for women’s health since the company’s inception more than a century ago.

15 employee benefits that help make Johnson & Johnson a great company

Generous parental leave? Check. Support for mental well-being? Check. Here are some of the ways the company stands out when it comes to built-in benefits for its 150,000+ employees.

“How Johnson & Johnson helped us adopt 11 children”

In honor of Father’s Day, Cameron Bernadsky talks about the joys of having a large family, the power of a supportive workplace and what parenting in a pandemic really looks like.

Innovative ways Johnson & Johnson proudly supports the LGBTQIA+ community

From inclusive benefits to partnerships with nonprofits, the company aims to be a strong ally during Pride Month—and beyond.

5 things to know about Johnson & Johnson’s 2017 Health for Humanity Report

Work on a vaccine that could prevent HIV. Tapping into the power of geothermal energy to help reduce carbon emissions at a site in Belgium. Those are just two of the ways the company made a positive impact on the world’s well-being last year.

Why we’re proud to celebrate and support families at Johnson & Johnson

Alex Gorsky, the company’s Chairman and CEO, discusses why appreciating and supporting all kinds of families is—and always has been—a priority at Johnson & Johnson.

“My friend couldn’t carry a baby": How Johnson & Johnson supported me when I became a surrogate

When Kelly McQuillan learned her friend was struggling to become a mom, she decided to help by carrying her friend’s biological child. McQuillan shares the story behind the very special Mother’s Day gift she gave her friend.

What a year! 19 facts about what the world looked like when Johnson & Johnson went public

When the company was first listed on the New York Stock Exchange in 1944, the world was a very different place. Case in point: A quart of milk cost 15 cents!

8 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Employee Benefits (and Health!) in 2019

Are you getting the most out of your employer perks? We talked to HR experts for their best tips on maximizing your total benefits portfolio this year.

Johnson & Johnson named to Glassdoor’s 2018 list of Best Places to Work

The company nabbed a top spot on the annual list—based entirely on positive reviews from its own employees.