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      Prostate cancer

      Could we be on our way to eliminating cancer for good?

      What once seemed like an out-of-reach goal may soon be within our grasp. For National Cancer Research Month, take an in-depth look at how Johnson & Johnson is working toward its vision of helping create a world without cancer.

      “As black men, we keep things close to the hip": 5 questions for a urologist about prostate cancer

      The goal to eliminate prostate cancer starts with getting people to talk about it—especially Black men, who are two times more likely to die from the disease than most other men. For Men’s Health Week, we spoke with a physician about building awareness and normalizing tough conversations.

      By the numbers: Helping to reduce disparities in cancer care

      For World Health Day, learn how Johnson & Johnson’s commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is helping to deliver transformational cancer treatments and solutions that reach the patients who need them most.

      The next frontier of prostate cancer care

      Certain gene mutations can dramatically increase the risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. That’s why Johnson & Johnson is researching a new way to fight the disease—one that involves blocking cancer cells from repairing their own damaged DNA.

      “I’m driven by the knowledge of the difference we can make": Meet 10 scientists who really inspired us in 2019.

      A groundbreaking trial for an HIV vaccine. New ways to help the body heal itself. Immunotherapy treatments for cancer. Behind medical advancements like these are the brilliant scientists who are relentlessly pushing their visions and research forward.

      From doctor to researcher: Meet a woman who’s spent much of her career fighting prostate cancer

      For International Women in Science Day—and to mark the 10-year anniversary of Johnson & Johnson beginning to innovate in the fight against prostate cancer—Margaret Yu, M.D., Vice President, Disease Area Leader, Prostate Cancer, Janssen Research & Development, shares the latest scientific strides being made in the battle against one of the most common cancers in men.

      20 inspiring stories of progress and hope for the future of healthcare

      From breakthrough work to eradicate some of the world’s deadliest diseases to advancements in cutting-edge health technology, see just some of the ways Johnson & Johnson is working to help change the trajectory of health for humanity.

      Do heart disease, diabetes, or prostate cancer run in your family tree? Experts share how you can help reduce your risk

      Your DNA doesn’t have to determine your medical future if you consider taking some steps to help lower your chances of developing these conditions, which tend to have genetic ties.

      “I’ve been living with advanced prostate cancer for almost 20 years": One man shares his treatment journey

      Have you been putting off getting your prostate checked? Men’s Health Month is the perfect time to tackle this important medical to-do. Just ask Ron Scolamiero, who was surprised by a prostate cancer diagnosis at 54. He shares his story of resilience.

      5 things we now know about prostate cancer

      For Men’s Health Month, school yourself on the latest screenings and treatments for this most common male cancer.