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      Treatment-resistant depression

      Health & wellness
       Blue latex gloved hand pointing at a brain MRI scan to pinpoint brain circuits associated with depression symptoms

      Is this the end of one-size-fits-all treatments for depression?

      Johnson & Johnson is working to bring personalized psychiatry to the 7 in 10 people with depression whose treatments aren’t getting the job done.
      Personal stories
      Brain scan

      This researcher made good on his high school promise to improve how we treat depression

      As a teenager, Wayne Drevets, M.D., had friends who struggled with depression—and who ultimately inspired him to focus his career on helping people with the debilitating disorder.
      FINAL LEDE- 3 Innovative Ways One Company Is Helping Rethink How We Treat Mental Healthcare- Mental Health Innovation lede

      3 innovative ways one company is helping rethink how we treat mental healthcare

      From scientists in research labs to CEOs at companies across the country, here’s how one healthcare company is partnering with people from all walks of life to help drive change in how we treat mental disorders—and the stigma often associated with them.
      Personal stories
      Imade Nibokun Borha sitting outside

      I have treatment-resistant depression: What it’s like to live with the challenging mental illness

      Imade Nibokun Borha, 31, shares the raw truth about living with treatment-resistant depression—and the surprising silver lining she’s found through her diagnosis.
      Health & wellness
      FINAL LEDE- 20 Inspiring Stories of Progress and Hope for the Future of Healthcare- Lede Collage 2018 Year in Review - compressed

      20 inspiring stories of progress and hope for the future of healthcare

      From breakthrough work to eradicate some of the world’s deadliest diseases to advancements in cutting-edge health technology, see just some of the ways Johnson & Johnson is working to help change the trajectory of health for humanity.
      Health & wellness
      FINAL LEDE - Treatment-Resistant Depression - Brain Illustration

      4 things we now know about treatment-resistant depression

      Imagine being depressed and trying medication after medication—only to find none work. That’s the plight of people with treatment-resistant depression. We look at this little-understood condition, and how researchers are working to crack its code.
      Health & wellness
      An illustration of the brain

      7 Things We Now Know About Depression

      It’s a complicated illness, with no exact cause, but there is still a lot we now understand about depression, thanks to the work of dedicated scientists. For World Mental Health Day, we look at the facts, common misconceptions and research that’s underway.