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The facts about weight-loss surgery: Medical experts debunk 6 common myths

If getting healthy is one of your resolutions—and you’ve wondered about bariatric surgery—here are answers to some common questions, including what BMI you really need to have to qualify for the procedure and whether you can expect to gain any weight back.

Need help sticking to your New Year’s resolutions? Your boss could be your best ally

Talk about team spirit. These three Johnson & Johnson managers got their employees to put their health first, including one director who convinced his staff to train for a 9K swimrun.

Do heart disease, diabetes, or prostate cancer run in your family tree? Experts share how you can help reduce your risk

Your DNA doesn’t have to determine your medical future if you consider taking some steps to help lower your chances of developing these conditions, which tend to have genetic ties.

New year, new healthy habits: 4 science-backed ways to lose weight in 2020

It’s the quintessential New Year’s resolution—and perhaps one of the hardest to tackle. But with these behavior-based tweaks, getting to (and staying at) a healthy weight can be doable.

6 Things We Now Know About Obesity

Over a third of Americans qualify as obese, but misconceptions abound as to what’s causing the global health epidemic. (Hint: It’s not just about diet and exercise.) We talked to obesity experts about the latest science-backed findings and current research underway.

“We had bariatric surgery": a couple shares what it’s really like to undergo the weight-loss procedure”

Meet Stephen and Zohar, who elected to have bariatric surgery together and are now embracing their healthier—and combined 162-pounds-lighter—life.