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      Top 10 of 2016

      10 Ways Johnson & Johnson Blazed Innovation Trails in 2016

      From a device that can zap acne with the power of light to a scientist focused on groundbreaking autism research, these inspiring stories show the vast breadth of Johnson & Johnson’s truly innovative work.

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      2016 was an incredibly innovative one for Johnson & Johnson, thanks in no small part to our ongoing commitment to create impactful solutions that can help people with unmet medical needs around the world.

      But don’t just take our word for it.

      We rounded up the 10 most-read stories about Johnson & Johnson’s innovation efforts from the past year—from a scientist who’s hard at work on the Zika virus to a little patch that’s helping surgeons in a big way in the operating room.


      How Women at Johnson & Johnson Are Changing Healthcare As We Know It

      How Women at Johnson & Johnson Are Changing Healthcare As We Know It 2

      Social networking technologies . Mixed media; Shutterstock ID 461430226

      Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock / Sergey Nivens

      In September, two of our leaders were named to Fortune magazine’s annual list of Most Powerful Women. Learn more about how women at Johnson & Johnson are helping to redefine healthcare—within the company and in the entire industry.


      The Power of Human-Centered Technology: 4 Johnson & Johnson Innovations That Could Help Revolutionize Your Health

      Human Centered Technology: Runner Orange Jacket Fitness Tracker

      Speaking of innovation, these Johnson & Johnson digital tools—from the ZYRTEC® ALLERGYCAST® allergy-forecasting app to RA-RA, a wearable tracker that can help you manage joint pain—leverage the latest technology to help improve human health.


      Evarrest®: The Little Patch That Can Help Surgeons in a Big Way

      Three surgeons in PPE working together on a patient

      The newly FDA-approved Evarrest® Fibrin Sealant Patch is designed to help stop patients from bleeding during surgery. Fun fact: It also had a cameo on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy this fall.


      The Quest to Quash Zika: Meet the Brazilian Scientist Working to Develop a Vaccine

      A diagram of the Zika virus

      Meet Johnson & Johnson’s Latin American QuickFire Challenge winner—and read about the fascinating research her Brazilian team is conducting on the Zika virus.


      Stitch in Time: 18 Fascinating Facts About the History of Sutures

      Historic Sutures 1640

      Image Courtesy: Johnson & Johnson Archives

      Sutures have a long history of helping save lives—and Johnson & Johnson has a long history of revolutionizing them. This timeline shows just how far sutures have come from their use in Ancient Egyptian times to today’s cutting-edge versions.


      Got Acne? The Neutrogena Light Therapy Acne Mask Could Be Your New Go-to Zit-Zapper

      Neutrogena Light Therapy Lede

      Move over messy creams and sticky gels. If you have mild to moderate acne, this latest technology in light therapy, sold in drugstores across the country, can help clear up your skin in the comforts of your own home.


      Meet the Man Who’s Helping to Advance Autism Research

      Autism girl

      Johnson & Johnson’s Gahan Pandina and his team are focused on groundbreaking autism research—like JAKE™, the Janssen Autism Knowledge Engine.


      Resiliency: The Buzzword That Could Take Your Career to New Heights

      Resililency - Businesswoman and team

      Resiliency is one of the hottest topics in mental health today—and putting the skill into daily practice could just change your work life. Here’s the science behind it from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute.


      Microbursts: 4 Ways This Simple Concept Could Reboot Your Life

      Microburst final image

      PKpix/Shutterstock / PKpix

      Want to boost your energy levels in a matter of minutes? A coach from the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute shares four ways microbursts can help you sharpen your mental acuity, improve your gratitude quotient and more.


      Victories Over Cancer: 4 People Share Their Top “Aha!” Moments as Cancer Scientists

      lightbulb drawing on a glass pane

      Janssen oncology scientists fight cancer in their labs worldwide every day. We asked four of them to share their most memorable “Eureka!” moments.

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      Latest news
       Biomedical scientist Robert Langer headshot

      Biomedical scientist Robert Langer receives the 2023 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research

      Each year, Johnson & Johnson honors a scientist currently working in academia, industry or a scientific institute who has made a significant contribution toward the improvement of public health.
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