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      Rheumatoid, psoriatic and osteoarthritis—what you need to know about the 3 main types of arthritis

      They share similar symptoms, sure. But these three distinct conditions have distinct causes, occur in people of varying ages and have their own treatments. Read on for the key differences.

      “I’m working to develop better treatments for children with devastating diseases”

      A life-threatening condition that afflicts young cancer patients. A rare and painful form of pediatric arthritis. Learn about how Johnson & Johnson is innovating to use existing medications to help kids with these illnesses—and meet two women on the forefront of this game-changing work.

      4 things scientists now know about autoimmune diseases in kids

      Two experts in the field share the latest understanding and research into conditions like pediatric plaque psoriasis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and pediatric active psoriatic arthritis—diseases that afflict children and can have long-term damaging effects into adulthood if not properly treated.

      “What it’s like to be in a clinical trial": 3 people share their personal stories

      With COVID-19 dominating the news this year, chances are you’ve also read about clinical studies that are underway for investigational vaccines. For a glimpse at what the experience of participating in a clinical study is like, we spoke to people across the country who took part in a clinical trial.

      5 questions for a scientist who’s working to uncover new treatments for psoriatic arthritis

      Early in his career Daniel Cua, Ph.D., made a discovery that would lead to a new medication for the debilitating autoimmune disease. We sat down with Dr. Cua, known as “the father” in his field of study, to learn what his work could mean for those with psoriatic arthritis.

      7 health advocates who are determined to change what it means to have a chronic illness

      Living with a life-altering disease is undeniably challenging. But it can also be full of triumphs if you embrace one simple mantra: It’s just a bad day, not a bad life.

      3 stories of unstoppable people living with autoimmune diseases

      An avid runner. A fireman. A college student. What they share in common may surprise you—and the battle to get their lives back after debilitating diagnoses will inspire you.

      How surprising new research is tapping the powers of the immune system

      Your immune system does so much more than simply fight off colds. For National Autoimmune Disease Awareness Month, we spoke to scientists who are harnessing this vital defense system to fight diseases in ways you likely never imagined.

      HealtheVoices: How a conference is helping to empower health advocates across the country

      In just three years, HealtheVoices has had a big impact on the online health advocate and patient blogger community. Here’s how it came to be—and where it’s headed.