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“I have autism—and it’s a big reason why I’m successful.”

For National Autism Awareness Month, Angela Andrews, a data manager at Janssen, shares her personal journey living and thriving with autism—and advocating for others just like her.

12 Simple Tips for Making 2020 Your Healthiest Year Yet

There’s no better time to kick off a wellness regimen than the new year. To help inspire you, we compiled a month-by-month guide of our top expert-backed tips for everything from combating allergies come springtime to getting better shut-eye in 2020.

Johnson & Johnson’s People of the Year: 25 stories of inspiration and innovation from 2017

From the incredible researchers who’ve dedicated their life’s work to fighting chronic diseases to those who work tirelessly to bring hope to underserved populations, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the company’s many heroes.

13 ways to help prep a child with autism for back-to-school season

The end-of-summer countdown has begun, and while most kids aren’t thrilled with the prospect of going back to school, the transition can be especially tough for those with autism. Three experts share their best tips for making the process smoother—for children of all ages.

5 Things We Now Know About Autism

It’s a medical condition we’ve all heard of, but one that many of us may not fully understand. For National Autism Awareness Month, we talked to two leading autism experts to get the very latest facts—and dispel misconceptions.

Meet the man who’s helping to advance autism research

About 1 in 68 children have Autism Spectrum Disorder, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—and Gahan Pandina is determined to improve the way they get the help they need to live productive lives.