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      Citizenship & Sustainability

      Citizenship & Sustainability

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      Members of a Johnson & Johnson HIV prevention program in South Africa

      5 ways Johnson & Johnson is working to improve the well-being of the world by 2025

      Johnson & Johnson’s 2020 Health for Humanity Report details the progress it’s made in the past five years in driving sustainable social, environmental and economic change around the globe. Now the company’s looking ahead to the next five.
      Illustration of seven ways Johnson & Johnson is advancing healthcare floating above a sun setting on the horizon

      “My 2021 healthcare resolution": 7 Johnson & Johnson leaders share their goals for advancing healthcare and health equity

      A potential COVID-19 vaccine. Passionate efforts toward achieving racial and social justice. Smarter, more sustainable product packaging. These are just a few of the resolutions company change makers are aiming to bring to light this year—and they’re already hard at work on them.
      Our heritage
      FINAL LEDE- 132 Years of Innovative Credo-Driven Decisions That Have Made Johnson & Johnson the Healthcare Leader It Is Today- Lede Collage

      133 years of innovative Credo-driven decisions that have made Johnson & Johnson the healthcare leader it is today

      To help mark 75 years since the company went public, we’re retracing some of the pivotal acquisitions, inventions and decisions that have guided the company for more than a century.
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      FINAL LEDE- Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky Takes the #EmbracingSustainability Challenge- Alex Gorsky hero

      Johnson & Johnson Chairman and CEO Alex Gorsky takes the #EmbracingSustainability challenge

      A new Business Roundtable campaign is challenging America’s top CEOs to shine a light on how they’re doing their part to help improve the health of the environment.
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      FINAL LEDE- Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. Makes a New Pledge to Help Tackle Plastic Waste- Beach

      Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. makes a new pledge to help tackle plastic waste

      The company is joining forces with more than 240 other organizations to be part of the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment for the good of the globe.
      Latest news
      FINAL LEDE- 5 Things to Know About Johnson & Johnson’s 2017 Health for Humanity Report- Inset collage  - compressed

      5 things to know about Johnson & Johnson’s 2017 Health for Humanity Report

      Work on a vaccine that could prevent HIV. Tapping into the power of geothermal energy to help reduce carbon emissions at a site in Belgium. Those are just two of the ways the company made a positive impact on the world’s well-being last year.
      Caring & giving
      FINAL PROMO LEDE - 10 Ways JNJ is on a Mission to Advance Health for All People—Everywhere

      10 ways Johnson & Johnson is on a mission to advance health for all people—everywhere

      In recognition of World Health Day on April 7, company leaders explain what #HealthForAll means to them—and how that commitment shapes everything they do on the job.
      A graphic of green buildings on top of the globe design to illustrate sustainable sites around the world

      6 super sustainable Johnson & Johnson sites around the world

      When you’re a global healthcare company, you have to think big when it comes to your sustainability efforts. Big ideas like setting up giant wind turbines and harnessing geothermal energy from miles below the earth.
      A photo of a school of fish underwater

      This Johnson & Johnson patent holder is helping to save the planet

      Robert Predale co-developed GAIA—a unique tool that enables the company to make products that are kinder to the planet. For World Environmental Health Day, we sat down with him to learn about his patent-worthy invention.
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      A photo of Sandi Peterson and other people in Mumbai, India

      Improving health for humanity: Why corporate citizenship is more important than ever

      Johnson & Johnson just received a Corporate Citizenship Award from the Committee for Economic Development—a distinction that speaks to the company’s commitment to improve the well-being of people and the planet since 1886.