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      Johnson & Johnson stories about Ethicon and its medical technologies
      Caring & giving
      Three doctors working to improve the diversity of the medical profession

      3 ways Johnson & Johnson is working to boost the number of diverse doctors

      If people of color aren’t well represented in healthcare, then communities of color cannot receive truly equitable healthcare. These unique programs are supporting physicians from racial minority groups so they can better support the patients who need them.
      Lede-She Oversees One of the World's Largest Healthcare Businesses: 7 Questions for Ashley McEvoy in the Time of COVID-19.jpg

      She oversees one of the world’s largest healthcare businesses: 7 questions for Ashley McEvoy in the time of COVID-19

      Johnson & Johnson develops consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals—and McEvoy is at the helm of its global Medical Devices Companies. She shares how she has navigated the pandemic, grown professionally and personally as a result, and helped impact the lives of millions during this unique moment in history.
      Latest news
      lede-Johnson & Johnson Earns the #3 Spot on the 2020 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 List.jpg

      Johnson & Johnson earns the #3 spot on the 2020 Gartner Supply Chain Top 25 list

      The company received its highest-ever ranking on the list this year—which honors global supply chain excellence—in part for its nimble response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
      Latest news
      A collage of photos of healthcare providers and a scientist working on Covid-19

      6 impactful ways Johnson & Johnson is helping in the fight against COVID-19

      From work on an investigational vaccine candidate to a $50 million commitment in support of healthcare workers on the very front lines of the crisis around the world, learn how the company has taken action to help respond to the pandemic.
      Health & wellness
      A doctor with stethoscope

      An expert explains the latest good—Yes, good!—news about lung cancer

      A new report from the American Cancer Society sheds light on declining death rates from cancer—especially lung cancer. We asked an expert on the disease to break down the data, and share what’s to come in better detecting and preventing it.
      Health & wellness
      Two women eating a healthy meal

      The facts about weight-loss surgery: Medical experts debunk 6 common myths

      If getting healthy is one of your resolutions—and you’ve wondered about bariatric surgery—here are answers to some common questions, including what BMI you really need to have to qualify for the procedure and whether you can expect to gain any weight back.
      Personal stories
      Johnson & Johnson Re-Ignite participants Monica Cotton Rozelle, Susan Shalloe, Heather Knox and Joella Flood

      Re-Ignite: The Johnson & Johnson career program that’s helping people return to the world of STEM

      Whether it’s due to the birth of a child, a health problem or another personal issue, life often necessitates a break from work. But it can be tough to come back from an extended leave—especially in the STEM fields. Johnson & Johnson wants to help change that.
      Personal stories
      Lede- He Helped Pioneer Robotic Surgery. Now He Wants to Reinvent Lung Cancer Care- Fred Moll interactive

      He helped pioneer robotic surgery. Now he wants to reinvent lung cancer care

      Frederic Moll, M.D., has been called “the father of robotic surgery” for good reason—his inventions have helped pave the way for improved surgical procedures for decades. His new challenge: an innovation that has the potential to diagnose and treat disease at the same time.
      Our heritage
      PROMO ONLY/HP OVERRIDE- Slam Dunk: How Women at Johnson & Johnson Pioneered Company Basketball- Women's basketball team 1907

      Slam Dunk: How women at Johnson & Johnson pioneered company basketball

      With college basketball tournaments in full swing, we’re passing on company hoops history that dates back more than a century.
      Nora the polar bear interacting with an onlooker at Utah's Hogle Zoo

      Healing Nora: How Johnson & Johnson helped an injured polar bear

      For International Polar Bear Day, we’re sharing the heartwarming story of a plucky and beloved bear who benefited from a company donation of medical supplies for a challenging surgery.