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      First aid kits

      11 innovative ways Johnson & Johnson packaged its earliest products

      When the company was founded in 1886, sterile packaging wasn’t yet available—so delivering its surgical supplies and household hygiene products to hospitals and consumers required ingenuity and design smarts. Here’s the story of the changing face of packaging at Johnson & Johnson.

      7 Johnson & Johnson inventions we’re grateful for

      In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we’re gathering to celebrate just a few of the many ways that the company has changed life, and health, as we know it over the last 130 years.

      Taking a trip back in time: 10 ways Johnson & Johnson has helped make vacationing easier since 1887

      Packing the right essentials can make or break your summer getaway. But did you know many of those must-haves have been Johnson & Johnson innovations?

      Lights, camera, action! Fun stories of when Hollywood played a starring role in Johnson & Johnson’s history

      In time for awards show season, we roll out our own red carpet to reveal which old-school stars and starlets of the silver screen had connections to the company.

      Band of brothers: Meet the innovative men who founded Johnson & Johnson in 1886

      The largest healthcare company in the world began as a simple partnership among three forward-thinking siblings. We explore the lasting impact James, Edward Mead and Robert Johnson, the company’s first president, had on Johnson & Johnson.

      Safety first: 12 outside-the-box first aid kits made by Johnson & Johnson

      The company invented the first commercial first aid kit 130 years ago—and then proceeded to roll out innovative spinoffs designed to help treat everything from war wounds to snake bites.

      13 life-changing healthcare inventions that are celebrating milestone birthdays in 2018

      Johnson & Johnson has been in the innovation business for more than 130 years. Check out these first-of-their-kind company products, which have revolutionized flu protection and even changed the way we wear contact lenses.

      Aerokit: The Johnson & Johnson innovation that aided early aviators

      In honor of National Aviation History Month, we’re looking at the launch of the Aerokit, a first aid kit for pioneering pilots.

      The Johnson & Johnson historic product heat index: 11 of the hottest company innovations

      From the creation of sterile surgical sutures in 1887 to the debut of the first water-resistant sunscreen in 1976, these products were some of the most significant inventions of their time.

      Around the world with Johnson & Johnson: 6 unbelievable places company products have been

      From Antarctica to outer space, learn about the surprising locales where Johnson & Johnson items have popped up.