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      J&J Innovative Medicine Neuroscience

      Could we be on the cusp of catching Alzheimer’s before it starts?

      The key to slowing cognitive decline is diagnosing the disease as early as possible. And that’s exactly what Johnson & Johnson scientists are relentlessly pursuing.

      Meet 7 people who inspired us in 2022

      Mobilizing to help coworkers in need. Increasing diverse representation in clinical trials. Advocating on behalf of people living with life-altering medical conditions. Learn about the extraordinary ways these trailblazers made a difference in 2022.

      The quest to make neurodegenerative disease a thing of the past

      Imagine reversing the course of conditions like Alzheimer’s or multiple sclerosis, in which cells of the central nervous system stop working or die. Researchers at Johnson & Johnson are hot on the trail of innovative solutions that may do just that, preventing often-debilitating symptoms along the way.

      Working to ensure equal access to mental healthcare for all

      Two new Johnson & Johnson initiatives aim to remove the obstacles people of color and the LGBTQIA+ community have historically faced in getting help with mental illness. The head of Janssen Neuroscience, Courtney Billington, explains why breaking these barriers is a priority—and a personal mission.

      “Even on my worst days with multiple sclerosis, I believe in finding joy where I can”

      For Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month, learn how one woman is tackling MS—and how Johnson & Johnson is helping her and other patients advocate for people living with this nervous system disease.

      “I want to live a life that’s not defined by my schizophrenia”

      For World Schizophrenia Day, learn about how one inspiring young man with the condition is thriving despite the challenges—and how Johnson & Johnson is helping him and others like him to find new ways to manage their mental illness.

      “I’m racing to screen thousands of molecules": These scientists are canvassing a vast library in search of a potential COVID-19 treatment

      Johnson & Johnson has an expansive archive of existing drug compounds—and two researchers are leading the charge in combing through this molecular storehouse in pursuit of a possible breakthrough.

      What it really feels like to have multiple sclerosis

      The exact cause of the disease is unknown, but there’s a lot scientists do know about how it impacts nearly every part of the body. Scientists like Tatiana Scherz, M.D., who takes us on a guided journey of how the disease manifests—from your brain down to your toes.

      Alzheimer’s disease: Why one company refuses to give up the search for a cure

      It’s the sixth leading cause of death in the United States, with no existing cure. But these researchers are committed to finding better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent the debilitating disease, using everything from innovative biomarker tracking to a potential vaccine for early stage patients.

      4 things we now know about treatment-resistant depression

      Imagine being depressed and trying medication after medication—only to find none work. That’s the plight of people with treatment-resistant depression. We look at this little-understood condition, and how researchers are working to crack its code.