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      Our heritage
      Three Johnson & Johnson inventions on a rainbow background

      9 Johnson & Johnson innovations that helped drive medicine forward

      From a superior way to sterilize surgical products to lifesaving medicine to treat a drug-resistant disease, check out just some of the ways Johnson & Johnson has exemplified innovation—and shared its breakthroughs with the world.
      Illustration of head, brain and brainwaves

      Innovating to improve mental health across the globe

      Injections that allow people with schizophrenia to go longer between treatments. Digital tools that may lead to the creation of more effective medications. Programs that ensure mental illness is properly diagnosed. These are just a few of the ways Johnson & Johnson is addressing the largest unmet need in healthcare.
      Personal stories

      “I want to live a life that’s not defined by my schizophrenia”

      For World Schizophrenia Day, learn about how one inspiring young man with the condition is thriving despite the challenges—and how Johnson & Johnson is helping him and others like him to find new ways to manage their mental illness.
      FINAL LEDE- 3 Innovative Ways One Company Is Helping Rethink How We Treat Mental Healthcare- Mental Health Innovation lede

      3 innovative ways one company is helping rethink how we treat mental healthcare

      From scientists in research labs to CEOs at companies across the country, here’s how one healthcare company is partnering with people from all walks of life to help drive change in how we treat mental disorders—and the stigma often associated with them.
      Latest news
      Lede- Paul Stoffels blog Davos- supportive group

      How Johnson & Johnson is doing its part to tackle the worldwide mental health epidemic

      With company leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos this week, Johnson & Johnson’s Chief Scientific Officer weighs in on the next great global healthcare challenge—and how we can all come together to help address it.
      Personal stories
      Johnson & Johnson people of the year 2017

      Johnson & Johnson’s People of the Year: 25 stories of inspiration and innovation from 2017

      From the incredible researchers who’ve dedicated their life’s work to fighting chronic diseases to those who work tirelessly to bring hope to underserved populations, we’re taking a moment to celebrate the company’s many heroes.
      Personal stories
      A photo of Ilio and Fernando Salinas sharing a father-son moment at a baseball game

      “I adopted an orphan with AIDS": Meet an inspiring Johnson & Johnson employee who saved a boy in need

      Shortly after Fernando Salinas took custody of 4-year-old Ilio, he discovered his son had AIDS. For World AIDS Day, we’re sharing his powerful story of hope, perseverance and unconditional fatherly love.
      Health & wellness
      Promo - FIRST Caregiver Schizophrenia Clinical Trial - Q&A With Branislav Mancevski

      This clinical trial could help improve caregiving for schizophrenia patients

      What if we could make caregivers’ lives less stressful? For National Family Caregivers Month, we’re looking at how Janssen Clinical Development Director Branislav Mancevski, M.D., is helping pave the way.

      This Is Your Brain With Schizophrenia: How the Illness Manifests and What Researchers Are Doing to Help

      Thanks to cutting-edge innovations in imaging, adherence and early intervention, mental health researchers are making crucial advances in the understanding and management of the complex condition. We delve into their work for Mental Health Awareness Month.
      3D Illustration of neuronal cells

      The mind matters: This Johnson & Johnson researcher is on a mission to change how we treat mental illness

      Husseini Manji, M.D., is working toward a world in which diseases like depression and schizophrenia are diagnosed quickly and handled without stigma. His team’s discoveries in the lab may just get us there.