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      5 things we now know about Crohn’s disease

      Over the past few decades, advances in the study and treatment of this inflammatory bowel disease have rapidly accelerated. We spoke to the experts to learn the latest about managing Crohn’s disease—and what other potential breakthroughs are on the horizon.

      4 things scientists now know about autoimmune diseases in kids

      Two experts in the field share the latest understanding and research into conditions like pediatric plaque psoriasis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis and pediatric active psoriatic arthritis—diseases that afflict children and can have long-term damaging effects into adulthood if not properly treated.

      4 things we now know about the rare disease AL amyloidosis

      Imagine having a disease that many doctors have never seen before. That’s what Marty Verel experienced when he was told he had AL amyloidosis—and it’s what hematologist Brendan Weiss, M.D., is determined to help change. For Rare Disease Day, Dr. Weiss shares what he’s learned studying the rare disease.

      5 things we now know about colorectal cancer

      Surprising new research suggests that people younger than 50 are getting diagnosed with the disease at record rates. For National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, find out how to protect yourself—no matter your age.

      5 things we now know about prostate cancer

      For Men’s Health Month, school yourself on the latest screenings and treatments for this most common male cancer.

      4 things we now know about treatment-resistant depression

      Imagine being depressed and trying medication after medication—only to find none work. That’s the plight of people with treatment-resistant depression. We look at this little-understood condition, and how researchers are working to crack its code.

      6 Things We Now Know About Obesity

      Over a third of Americans qualify as obese, but misconceptions abound as to what’s causing the global health epidemic. (Hint: It’s not just about diet and exercise.) We talked to obesity experts about the latest science-backed findings and current research underway.

      7 Things We Now Know About Depression

      It’s a complicated illness, with no exact cause, but there is still a lot we now understand about depression, thanks to the work of dedicated scientists. For World Mental Health Day, we look at the facts, common misconceptions and research that’s underway.

      5 Things We Now Know About Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension

      It’s a deadly disease, but it can be managed—if you get a timely diagnosis. For World Heart Day, we’re sharing what the latest science and research has revealed about PAH, including who is most at risk and the warning signs to look out for.

      5 Things We Now Know About the Safety and Effectiveness of Sunscreen

      How often is often enough to reapply sunscreen? Does a higher SPF make a difference? Experts weigh in on how to help protect yourself from sunburns and skin cancer this summer.